Friday, July 16, 2010

Italian from Queens!

Well, the other night we took another couple to Willie's, a small, very casual Italian restaurant we'd visited once before for lunch. During the first visit, we had the Cheese Ravioli and the Chicken Florentine...and we almost licked our plates clean. The goal this time was to confirm that the food was as good as we thought it was on the first try...and we wanted to see if others would confirm our impressions.

The food was as good as we up to our expectations. (The best Italian Food we've had since relocating from Chicago) The couple that was with us had Eggplant Parmesan and Lobster Ravioli. We had Fettuccini Alfredo and Penne Pasta with Meatsauce and Meatballs. The meals also came with a chilled house salad and Garlic Bread Knots. We had nice crisy chicken wings with Honey Mustard Dip for an appetizer. The food was great...fresh, homemade sauces and meatballs...and more food than anyone should eat!

Service was very friendly...if a bit quicker than we would have liked. For those who would care, Willie's doesn't serve alcohol. Then there was the cost/value consideration. The total cost for all 4 meals, the appetizer and 1 ice tea with tax came to $48.00! Quality food at a great price!

Willie's isn't exactly a name one would expect for an Italian Restaurant...but the owner/chef's full name is William, he's a big guy and he's from Queens NY. He can call his restaurant whatever he wants! Willie's is almost hidden in a small but relatively new strip center at 11612 Chapman Highway (US Hwy 441) just south of the intersection with US Hwy 411. Phone: 865-773-0170.

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