Friday, May 31, 2013

Wildlife Safari in East Tennessee!

Well, it was a nice sunny day, not too warm either, and we decided to use another of our Groupon coupons.  It was one more opportunity for an ‘adventure’ at half price!  This time, it wasn’t about a restaurant either…


This is the front of the pamphlet for Circle G Ranch and its outdoor Safari Adventures…  Admission is only $9.00 per adult and $7.00 per child. With our coupon, we were admitted for only $9.00… Of course, once inside, we spent $10.00 for 3 large tubs or trays full of chunks of feed for the animals.
To start with, we love animals…and we had a great time at the Circle G Ranch!

My one complaint is that there isn’t a brochure that visitors can use to identify the animals… There is a list of the animals at the ranch on their website but even it isn’t matched with an animal’s photo.  Some of the animals are readily identified, but if you had to name the type of antelope or deer pictured above, would you have a clue? 
See if you could identify them from this list copied from Circle G’s website: Dromedary and Bactrian Camel; Water Buffalo; Zebra; Wallaby; Llama; Ostrich; Emu; Aoudad; Alpaca; Rhea; Sika Deer; Fallow Deer; Red Deer; Black Buck Antelope; Zebu cattle; African Crested Porcupine; Spur Thigh Tortoise; Hedgehogs; Angus Cattle; Scottish Highlander Cattle; Watusi Cattle; Standard Donkey; Pygmy Goats; Tennessee Fainting Goats; Pot Bellied Pigs; Jacob 4 Horned Sheep; Orange Winged Amazon Parrots; Turkey; Ducks; Guinea Fowl and; Chickens. 
The answer: They are female Black Buck Antelopes…
These large critters in the foreground are Water Buffalo.  The Zebra’s in the background are identified as Damara or Burchell’s Zebras, more commonly referred to as Plains Zebras.
One advantage for Circle G Range in not identifying the animals via a brochure is that it probably increases the number of people who abandon their personal vehicles and take advantage of Guided Safari Truck Tours.  The tours are only $15.00 per person and this includes admission, a bucket/tray of animal food and of course a tour guide to tell you what animals you’re looking at…

This is a drive-thru zoo or animal park.  The instructions are to either put your window all the way down...see above…or all the way up!  We chose to leave the windows down and we armed ourselves with 3 buckets/trays of feed.  This Alpaca is just one of many animals at Circle G Ranch that has learned about vehicles as a source of food!

These Red Deer resting in the boulders along the 3-mile drive were about the only animals that didn’t seem to care about our presence as a food source.  They must have had their fill for the morning…
Well…this is a hungry deer of some sort.  I couldn’t identify him.  His coat was sort of a dingy whitish color and he was hanging out by himself in the woods.  He wasn’t shy, that’s for sure…inserting his head into the car for some food.  I had to toss some food on the ground in order to convince him to remove his head from my window!
This Rhea, a South American cousin of the Ostrich, was also just a bit aggressive when it came to food!  I tried to put my window up but he was just too quick.  Again I ended up tossing a couple of chunks of the feed on the ground to divert this big bird so we could drive on.

The petting zoo had plenty of goats on hand…all begging for food!  These are just 3 of the many goats and sheep that we ended up feeding.  We would have run out of food in this area of Circle G Ranch, but another couple who were leaving handed us a half tray of left-over animal feed that they didn’t use…
FYI… You can see just how big the animal feed pellets were in my tray of food at the left of the photo.

We were both happy to see that Ostriches weren’t allowed to roam around with the other animals in the drive-thru part of the Ranch.  We have had a couple of negative experiences, (really a bit frightening), with Ostriches in other animal parks like this one… These birds are very big, not too bright and super aggressive when it comes to food.
Of course, while we were touring Circle G Ranch, there were a couple of groups of school kids touring the place.  They checked out all the animals in the petting/feeding part of the Ranch and then they went on the tour truck on the drive thru portion with a guide.  They all had some food…smaller pellets…to feed the animals with…

There were Pot Belly Pigs everywhere in the public walking area of Circle G Ranch.  This pair was chilling out in the parking area…while looking for handouts.  Some of these pigs were enormous.  There were a few baby Pot Belly pigs running around too!  Very cute!
This pony was glad to have a visitor.  He was alone…just waiting for a rider or some attention.  I saved a couple of those big food pellets for him.  I couldn’t find a price for the pony rides but 1-hour camel safaris are $60.00 per person for an hour ride.  Combo Llama and Camel Safari’s, (with lunch), are $125.00 per person.

We spotted a couple of Horses near the entrance to Circle G Ranch, along with this beast of mixed heritage.  This is a Zonkey…(aka. Zebonkey, Zebronkey, Zebrinny, Zebrula, Zebrass, Zedonk or Zeedonk) It is the result of breeding a Donkey with a Zebra.  One can also breed a Horse with a Zebra…and its offspring is called a Zorse. Note the striped ‘leggings’ on this Zonkey!

This camel attempted a smile for Laurie’s camera…or else he had gas!  This was the dominant camel in the herd… Any other camels attempting to horn in on this animal’s efforts to eat our offered snacks were rudely chased off.
I included this photo of the back of the Circle G Ranch’s pamphlet as it explained a little more about the Ranch and offered a few more glimpses of the ‘wildlife’ mooching food from visitors.
We made a couple of observations during our visit.  The restrooms are porta potties.  Other than tour guides and the gal at the ticket window, we didn’t see any staff around.  The operation seemed pretty much unsupervised…which was OK by us…but it might be a problem for the animals and some visitors.  Also, come prepared… There is no gift/snack shop on the premises, so come with water or something to drink.  While we were there, an Ice Cream Truck pulled up next to a building and parked…waiting for customers.
In summary, we had a great time!  The price…$9.00 per adult is a bargain if you really like to get up  close and personal with animals.  During the tourist season, Circle G Ranch is open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM.  The Ranch is located at 831 Thorngrove Pike in Strawberry Plains Tennessee.  Phone: 865-932-0070.  Their website is
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Willie’s Restaurant ‘Rebooted’ – Seymour TN

It has been 6 plus months since we’ve eaten at Willie’s Restaurant in Seymour Tennessee.  Our last taste of Willie’s, (Italian food), was at his new Sevierville location back in December…and while it was good…with one exception…it wasn’t quite up to the standard of his original Seymour location. (A long time employee assured us that Willie has corrected the startup issues at the Sevierville location)

But we knew that Willie’s original restaurant in Seymour on Chapman Highway had ceased being Willie's as we knew it and is now open as his 'pizza only restaurant' and he had opened a replacement in another location just up the road from his first place.  It was past time to check it out and determine if the food we liked so much had made a successful transition…  

This is the sign out in front of Willie’s new restaurant in Seymour… We love Willie’s for its Italian cuisine but the sign’s only reference to Italian food is the spaghetti on the chef’s fork…

The original Willie’s Restaurant was kind of hard to spot at the end of a small strip shopping center a couple of miles down the road, (US Hwy. 441), that leads from Knoxville to Sevierville.  This ‘new’ location, (that has housed at least 3 other restaurants), is an attractive large stand-alone building…all brick…and with the sign out front, it isn’t hard to find.
Willie’s new Seymour location is more than double the size of the original Restaurant!  It has a log cabin interior with lots of space between tables.  At the first location, if we’d arrived at dinner time, we would have had to wait.  This place can handle the volume! 

The restaurant has a friendly family orientated vibe... The log walls don’t make one think, “Eureka!  Italian Cuisine”, but we didn’t let that divert us from our goal!  We hoped that the menu hadn’t changed too much…
As it turned out, the menu is pretty much the same as pertains to the Italian selections.  That was very good news as far as we were concerned!
To view Willie’s full menu for Seymour and Sevierville, just click on

The single biggest change at this new location is the salad bar.  At Willie’s former Seymour restaurant, your salad was delivered to you pre-made and chilled in a small salad bowl…along with a plastic container with your choice of salad dressings.  We always thought that the salad, which was perfectly acceptable, could be improved on.
FYI…please note…that hand is not in the cheese.  That gentleman is simply reaching for the tongs so he can add tomatoes to his salad…  

The salad bar is a significant improvement vs. the pre-made salads!  The base is romaine lettuce and then there are tomatoes, cheese, olives, beets, cottage cheese, peas, garbanzo beans, jalapeno slices, cucumbers, peach slices, strawberries, homemade croutons (very good!), as well as 6 different kinds of salad dressing.
The important thing to remember is that the salad bar comes with your dinner entrees… Don’t fill up on the salad!

Dinner also comes with garlic bread knots that are made from Willie’s pizza dough… We like them so much that we ate all but this one before we remembered to take a photo!  Incidentally, the marinara sauce that comes with the bread knots is unnecessary…but excellent too! 

We decided to try an appetizer…not too smart considering what we ordered for dinner…way too much food when you add in our trip to the salad bar!  In any case, these are the Bacon-Shrimp Skewers. ($7.99) There were 6 large shrimp wrapped in Applewood Bacon, served with a sweet chili sauce.  The appetizer was perfectly satisfactory…plump shrimp, not overcooked, with lots of crispy bacon.  However, in hindsight we would have preferred the Fried Calamari. ($7.99)

This is Laurie’s favorite entrée at Willie’s!  It’s the Maine Lobster Ravioli. ($10.99) It was every bit as good as ever…and there were at least 8 ravioli…more than enough to sate Laurie’s appetite!  It’s all about the sauce…  As we headed home, Laurie once again 'discussed the possibility' of maybe someday trying something else from Willie’s menu.
Service was friendly and efficient.  We asked our waiter to take his time serving the appetizer and the entrees and he paced things nicely.  The wait staff still helps each other clearing dishes, bringing out food…as they did in the old location.  The food was very good indeed…and with the addition of the salad bar, the value of what you get for your money is top notch! 

Now I personally have tried a few different Italian entrees from the menu… For example, I really like the penne pasta with Willie’s excellent meat sauce and his top quality plus size meatballs.  But, I must admit that my favorite item on the menu, as shown above, is the Shrimp Fra-Diavlo! ($8.99) I always stress that I would like my sauce a bit extra spicy…and the chef always gets it right.  There were 9 shrimp in this plate of goodness…and I scrapped up the remaining sauce and ate it by itself when the pasta and shrimp were gone! 
The big question is… Will Laurie and I ever try anything on Willie’s menu that isn’t Italian?  There are dinner salads, sandwiches, burgers, a pork chop, several steaks, seafood dinners, chicken dinners and oven-baked subs…and I must admit that neither of us have even tried, tasted or have even been tempted to try any of these non-Italian offerings.   Maybe next time…and that next visit will be very soon!
Willie’s Restaurant in Seymour Tennessee is located at 10321 Chapman Highway (US Hwy. 441).  Phone: 865-773-0170.  The Sevierville location is at 737 Dolly Parton Parkway.  Phone: 865-428-5002.  Willie’s Pizza Parlor is at 11612 Chapman Highway (US Hwy. 441) also in Seymour.  Phone: 865-773-0180.  For more information, go to   
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day – 2013

This is in commemoration of my relatives, as well as Laurie’s father and one of her sisters husbands, all of whom served in the Armed Forces of the United States over the past 71 years… Each of them served in the defense of our country…and for the cause of freedom. 

This is a photo of Ronald Allen Myers…my father.  His home town was Jackson Michigan and he graduated from Michigan State College, now MSU in 1938.  He was a Staff Sergeant in the 18th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division…the “Big Red One”.  He was killed in action in Europe on May 6, 1945, only 2 days before victory in Europe, (VE Day), when the Germans surrendered to the Allied Forces in Berlin.  I had yet to reach my 3rd birthday… This photo was probably taken in Georgia during training exercises.
My dad had been washed out of officer’s candidate school due to the fact that he was color blind…but due to attrition among the officers in his unit, he was serving in an officer’s role at the time he was killed.  Ronald Myers is buried in the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial near the town of Avold France.

This is Laurie’s father, Robert (Bob) Templeton.  He was looking pretty dapper in his new Army uniform.  He was 21 in this photo and served in the 6th Infantry Division.  He also served in a civilian capacity operating a warehouse during WWII for the Army Signal Corp.  Bob, his wife Doris and their 6 children lived in Maplewood Missouri.  Laurie was only 17 when her father suffered a massive stroke/heart attack at a Lion's BBQ picnic. He was only 55 years old when he died.  This photo was taken the year before Bob married Doris G. McCormick on Feb. 6th 1935.  They were married 34 years before he died.   In addition to Laurie, Robert Templeton is survived by his son Bob and daughters Glenda, Karole and Bonnie and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

This is Nathan Weed, my mother’s oldest brother. (He was named after his father) As you can see by the uniform, he served in the United States Army during World War II.  In this photo taken at his parent’s home in Jackson Michigan, he was holding his nephew…me.  He and his family lived in the Detroit area for many years.  Uncle Nathan is survived by two daughters and a son, Susan, Wendy and yet another Nathan.

John Weed was my mother’s youngest brother.  He served with the US Navy, spending much of his time shipboard in the Mediterranean Sea.  He really looked very young in this classic naval pose.  He lived in Jackson Michigan for most of his life.  Uncle John is survived by two daughters, Judy and Maggie, as well as two sons, John and Michael.

This is my brother, Robert J. Thomson.  Bob served in the US Navy aboard the USS Kearsarge during the Vietnam War.  He lived in Kansas City Kansas.  In recent years he had some very serious health issues, and despite the outstanding care provided by the Veterans Administration, he passed away on April 25, 2013.  He is interred in the military cemetery in Leavenworth Kansas.

This is my Uncle Nathan’s son, yet another Nathan.  He lives in Fenton Michigan with his bride Janice, (in the photo above), who he met while serving in the Air Force in England.  She was born in Scotland.  They have 3 children, Elizabeth, Nadine and…you guessed it…still another Nathan!  They now have a grandson as well.
This is a photo of Ken Gross, husband of Laurie's older sister, Glenda.  Ken served in the US Army in the mid-1950's.  He was assigned to an Army Artillery group as a Fire Direction Controller for a howitzer unit.  Since then, he and Glenda have raised a daughter and a son...and they have now have 5 grandchildren and one great grandson, with another one on the way.  Ken and Glenda recently celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary.  
We are so thankful for the millions of service men and women, (and their families), who have sacrificed their life or a portion of their lives, to protect our freedoms and our country…  God bless the United States of America!
We appreciate you taking time to share this Memorial Day tribute with us… Don’t forget to display your flag in honor of our fallen heroes!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie

Friday, May 24, 2013

Back to Etowah for a Bite at Shelby’s…

Another day and another drive in beautiful Eastern Tennessee!  This time we were off to buy some produce from the old order Mennonite Farmer’s Market in Delano.  After shopping it was time for lunch…

The last time we stopped at Shelby’s, it was for breakfast… This time, based on a 4.5 rating on Yahoo re: the restaurant’s hamburger, we decided to have a little lunch.

The sign in the first photo isn’t all that big and it’s sort of lost among nearby buildings and other signs.  As you can see above, Shelby’s Restaurant would be easy to miss if you didn’t have your eyes wide open.  The parking lot is unpaved with a gravel surface and the building does not grab your eye as you drive by…

Inside Shelby’s it has a fairly typical ‘local diner look’.  There are a few stools at the counter and a scattering of tables at the other end of the room. 

Here are the tables down at the opposite end of Shelby’s Restaurant.  It was past the ‘normal’ lunch time but they still had a few customers.  The place is clean and the service is friendly…

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger with a side of fried green tomatoes instead of French fries.  As you can tell, I started on the tomatoes before we remembered to take pictures…  The burger was too small for the bun although it was thick enough.  The bacon was generous and it had great flavor.  However, except for the bacon, the burger was fairly ordinary…perfectly acceptable but ordinary.  The fried green tomatoes were quite nice and they were quickly inhaled.

Laurie ordered a patty melt...which she also started to consume before we remembered to take photos.  The burger was a bit overcooked for her taste and she’d never had a patty melt on white bread…it’s almost always on rye, but she said that it tasted OK anyway.
The prices are right at Shelby’s…cheap/inexpensive eats… In retrospect, we think that our breakfast experience at this restaurant was superior to our lunch break.  Lunch was OK but the breakfast I wrote about a year and a half earlier was superior to most breakfasts that we’ve had here in Eastern Tennessee.  To check out breakfast at Shelby’s Restaurant, just click on
Shelby’s Restaurant is located at 327 North Tennessee Avenue (U.S. Highway 411) in Etowah Tennessee.  Phone: 423-263-0053.  I couldn’t locate a website for Shelby’s…
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Works for Breakfast!

Anyone at all who has followed my blog knows that I really like breakfast… Here for your consideration are a few of Laurie and my more recent ‘special’ breakfast creations…

This was a simple breakfast that I put together for myself one morning.  These are Costco Italian meatballs, cut in half and lightly fried then placed on buttered toast and topped with pepper jack cheese and a couple of easy over eggs.  For photographic purposes, I didn’t put the Tabasco on until later…

There was some lox left over following our wine tasting/food consuming party.  Laurie asked me to scramble a couple of eggs to put on top of her English muffin, cream cheese and lox.  She liked this morning wake-up call a lot!

For the same breakfast, I opted for some left-over smoked salmon on top of a buttered English muffin topped with a couple of easy-over fried eggs.  It was sooo good!  Yes…I did add Tabasco before consuming this meal…

For her next breakfast, Laurie went for a mix of olives, a bit of mozzarella cheese, and two English muffins with cream cheese topped with peppered lox.  She liked this even better than the lox and scrambled eggs!

Finally…we also had 3 left-over Latvian piragi that Martha had made for our wine tasting party. (Latvian version of a Polish perogi) I couldn’t let them go to waste so I split them in half, heated them in the microwave and then dropped an over-easy fried egg on each piragi.  This time, I did add the Tabasco before taking the photo!  This was another very satisfying breakfast…
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Monday, May 20, 2013

German Cuisine in East Tennessee

Since we’ve retired and relocated from Chicago down to East Tennessee, we haven’t eaten in some of the more common ethnic restaurants we’d become used to up north...  In this area we have visited Vietnamese, Mexican, French, Indian, Italian, Irish, Cuban, Chinese and Thai restaurants… 

We do have a lot of Mexican restaurants, a few places with French cuisine, a couple of pretty good Thai eateries and more Indian restaurants than we expected.  The only Vietnamese restaurant we’d found has since closed.  There aren’t any Greek restaurants within an hour of where we live…and we’ve only found one Chinese restaurant that we really like.  There are a couple of pan-Asian places that are fairly good. 
Up until now, we haven’t eaten any Korean, Polish or German food since arriving in the area… and we still haven’t found a good Greek restaurant anywhere in East Tennessee…even if we drive for more than an hour from where we live.  We do have a favorite Italian restaurant…and we have another one on our list to try. 
 When Lynne and George suggested that we all go to the only German restaurant in the area, we jumped at the chance!  Our friend Karen joined us for dinner as well.  It didn't hurt that I had a 50% off Groupon Coupon!

This is Restaurant Linderhof, the only German restaurant in the Knoxville area!  It isn’t a large place but it’s cozy and decorated in the fashion that would have befitted a member of ‘over-the-top’ German royalty.  The restaurant terms it as Austro-Hungarian décor…

For some reason, we didn’t capture a photo of the outside of the restaurant...and I couldn't find one on-line.  It is located in a strip shopping center which is partly vacant…but it is in a very nice neighborhood.  You can see Lynne, Karen, myself and George in the left-hand side of Laurie’s photo.

Restaurant Linderhof isn’t a huge place but it is a little larger than it first appears when you come through the front door.  These pictures were taken a little before 6 PM on a weeknight…and by 7 PM, Linderhof was quite busy.
When George requested his favorite gin, he was disappointed to learn that the restaurant didn’t carry it.  One of the owners came to the table and talked about their top of the line gin…his favorite brand.  Then he provided George with a small glass of the gin to taste.  He liked it and ordered his drink. 
When I found out that all of the beers that they offer are German…and I am a sissy when it comes to beer…the waitress brought me 2 small glasses of their mildest beers to taste.  I liked one of them very much and ordered a pint. ($5.95)  We really appreciated their efforts to find something that we liked to drink!

At Restaurant Linderhof, all Platters and Old World Specialties are served with a bread basket, a soup of the day, a small salad plate and a choice of one side item. 
Between us, we tried 2 different soups.  This is the Lentil Soup.  It was very good.  Our only issue was that it would have been better if there was just a little more soup in the bowl…and it could have been a little warmer.

This was the Beer Cheese Soup… It was excellent, although the portion size was obviously on the light side…about half a bowl…and it too could have been warmer.  On the positive side, if I had a big bowl of this soup with some good bread, it would make for a great meal in itself!
Now is as good a time as any to talk about our waitress… She tried to be helpful…as with the beer samples…and she did suggest menu items.  However, she was way too ‘familiar’…over the top and in your face casual and too personal.  She was also forgetful… She confused the orders, got the bills mixed up, and forgot to bring things to the table that we’d asked for… I found her quite annoying and I wasn’t alone in my opinion.

This is the small salad plate that came with our dinners.  It’s described as a tasting assortment of German salads, with potato salad, cole slaw, cucumber salad and red cabbage slaw.  We all agreed that it was unique and it was very good indeed!

I was the only person out of our group of 5 that didn’t order schnitzel.  This is Karen’s entrée…I believe that it was the Pork Schnitzel with Rahm sauce plus a side of German fried potatoes.  She enjoyed her dinner…
We had another issue that impacted our experience at Restaurant Linderhof.  Laurie, Karen and I found ourselves sitting on an uncomfortable bench during our meal.  It was hard with a super straight back and for me at least, the seat was too high in relation to the table and my meal.

This is Laurie’s Veal Schnitzel with German Fries.  There was plenty of food but she thought that her dinner was just OK… She is used to a more crispy crust on her schnitzel plus a bit more Rahm sauce.  Also, the Rahm or Paprika Cream Sauce lacked a bit of the distinctive flavor that she’d enjoyed at German restaurants in Chicago… She did like the glass of House Merlot ($6.95) that she had with her dinner.
The complete schnitzel dinner options are priced as follows: Chicken with any of the sauce preparations, (Jager, Zigeuner, Swiss, Holstein or Paprika Rahm), is $15.95.  The Pork Schnitzel dinner is $21.95 and the Veal Schnitzel dinner is $27.95. 

Both George and Lynne ordered the Swiss Schnitzel…topped with sautéed onions and melted Swiss cheese.  George ordered asparagus as his side.  They thought that their meals were OK too… They too lived in Chicago and other large metropolitan areas as well and they’d had better German food too.
There are 7 different wurst (sausage) meal options on the menu to choose from.  They are $14.95 each and they come with either sauerkraut or rotkraut…the latter is made with red cabbage.  Other specialty dishes of interest include Schweinshaxe (Pork Shank) $26.95, Veal Rouladen ($25.95) and Abgebraunter Leberkase (Bavarian Breakfast) for $17.95.  There is also a nightly chef’s special…

For my entrée, I decided against schnitzel and ordered the Hungarisches Gulyas (Hungarian Goulash) with a dumpling for my side item. ($18.95) This was described as ‘choice selections of beef roast in a rich Hungarian sauce’.  I expected the beef to be cooked to the point of fork tender…but instead most of it was actually hard and dry in the middle.  The gravy or sauce was fairly good and it ‘saved’ the beef… Regarding the dumpling, I guess that I expected a big bread dumpling but instead this dumpling was kind of mushy and sticky throughout.  The sauce helped that as well…
OK… This isn’t a big German community with lots of demand for top notch ethnic food.  We thought that overall…minus the waitress…the ambience and the food were OK…acceptable.  I probably should have ordered a wurst plate or the pork shank and also, it would have been better if we’d sampled a wider variety of the offerings on the menu.  From what we saw, Restaurant Linderhof is fairly popular, so after many years in business they must be doing something right…
Restaurant Linderhof is located at 11831 Kingston Pike (US Highway 11) in Farragut Tennessee.  Phone: 865-675-8700.  To learn more about this restaurant and to check out the menu, go to
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