Friday, July 29, 2022

Where Has the Time Gone? How Can I be This Old?

Another year has passed and yet another birthday has focused me on the march of time.  This time it was one of those birthdays that is considered a ‘milestone’ by some.  It was a positive event in any case.  I’m still here and enjoying life!

So, because of the ‘milestone’ birthday, our Omaha family flew in to help mark the occasion and for the celebration.  Naturally, we took a lot of photos to mark the visit!  From left to right…grandson David III (21), yours truly, Emmett Lee (18), and our son, David II (age is classified/need to know only)

Another photo, this time of the entire Omaha clan.  This time it includes Amy, the proud mama of her ‘boys’.  FYI, given the difficulty and expense involved in travel these days, their visit was easily the most thoughtful and significant present one could hope for… To make it more challenging, there are zero direct flights between Omaha and Knoxville.

Then of course, to mark the occasion “Nana” (Laurie) had her photo taken with our grandsons along with the old guy she lives with, who’s referred to as “Papa” by the boys.

Party or gift bags were available as well… I had insisted that David II and the family skip the gift scene as the visit itself was such a huge present.  That didn’t stop them from bringing some goodies.  I also had a gift bag from Dawn Marie from down in Miami Florida… It was pretty impressive as I'm notoriously hard to shop for.

Among the goodies I received were a “23 and Me” DNA test kit, a color chart used by old guys who collect stamps, a couple of nice large family photos, 3 music CDs I wanted and a book on National Parks.

Another special gift was this “Huskers Grandparent” University of Nebraska t-shirt.  The University of Nebraska (Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management) is the college where Emmett Lee is attending.  It will be worn interchangeably with my grandparents t-shirt from New York University…David III’s college.

Then of course, we ‘had to have’ a photo with the old guy and his handsome grandsons.  I can’t help but notice that they have great hair…especially in comparison to yours truly!

OK…yes this isn’t a great photo but its all I've got!  DII and DIII seemed oblivious as regarded Laurie with the camera, Emmett was sneaking a peek, while Amy and I seemed to realize that a photographer was at work.  Perhaps the others were mesmerized by the flames evident in front of me…

It seemed appropriate that I should end this post with a photo of the old celebrant/codger with his birthday pie just about when the dulcet tones of the family singing “Happy Birthday” filled the room.  For those of you who are food focused…much like yours truly…it was a French Silk Chocolate Pie. 

And so another milestone in life has passed… Not that the rest of the family visit won’t be covered in future posts.  I just couldn’t let that happen could I?  There was area exploration and of course, dining out too!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Omaha – Food – Family

…returning to our road trip last May which was focused on visiting our families in Omaha Nebraska and the St. Louis Missouri area.

As I’d previously mentioned, part of our visit to the Omaha area was negatively impacted by rainy weather…but such is life.  At least we had a good chance to spend time with David II, his better half Amy and our grandsons, David III and Emmett Lee.

But…we did eat out quite a bit.  In this case we had a late breakfast at Tavern 18o, a polished modern venue with flair and color, warming and updating that industrial look that is so popular these days. 

Note the color coordinated bottles behind the bar.  Televisions in the bar are the norm these days.  In the photo showing the booths for diners, you can see wine bottles in the wall.  It sure doesn’t look like a breakfast venue!  It turns out that there are 2 dining/drinking opportunities under the same roof…with variations on the name Tavern 180. 

We actually dined in “T180”, a section of the operation that is open and serving breakfast/brunch from 7 AM until 2 PM Monday thru Friday and from 7 AM until 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  

Standard breakfasts are available from the limited menu.  I’ve chosen to only feature the 2 meals that were a bit different…not the ‘usual’.  Our server, Regan, helped us understand the menu and what the popular items were...

This is the Smoked Shoulder Bacon Eggs Benedict. ($13.00) Two poached eggs are served with house made hollandaise sauce over pecan wood smoked shoulder bacon on a toasted English muffin.  Normally it is served with chives and Spanish pimento.  Note the small fruit cup and fried potatoes as sides.

Other options include: Ice Cream Battered French Toast with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar ($13.00), and; Avocado Toast with fresh guacamole, marinated wild wonder tomato and a choice of fried, poached or scrambled egg. ($10.00)

This breakfast was quite inventive and definitely something that we’d never seen on a menu… This is T180 Oven Baked Starters Breakfast Flatbread. ($12.00) Diners have 2 different options with the flatbread.  One is queso sauce, scrambled eggs, jalapeno bacon, mozzarella, cilantro and fried onions.  The second choice would be savory house made gravy, scrambled eggs, smoked shoulder bacon and mozzarella.

Tavern 180’s dinner menu looks quite interesting as well…and it’s very expansive as compared to the breakfast/lunch version.  Tavern 180 has 4 locations in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.  This location can be found at 203 North 180th Street in Omaha Nebraska.  Phone: 402-905-0153.  Website: Tavern 180 | Restaurant-Bar in Omaha, NE & Ankeny, IA.

As I understand it, Barrel and Vine is a relatively new dining and live music venue in the Omaha area.  It is fully equipped…including a rooftop pool bar and of course, that live music.  It is the only Supper Club in town that offers brunch, lunch and dinners during the shows and other events.

 The bar is quite large and it’s fully equipped with mood lighting as well as big screen televisions.  Murals and art populate the walls.  The large wine ‘cellar’ is both impressive and an attraction in its own right…

Amy and David II sure look like they were enjoying themselves!  Their boys, (and our grandsons), David III and Emmett Lee were soaking up the good life and the food…as they neared the beginning of the college year.  David III will be a senior majoring in Computer Science at New York University and Emmett Lee will be a freshman at the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management at the University of Nebraska.

Note all of the dining space behind the boys...this is a very large restaurant.

On to the food… First the appetizers.  This is the Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta Crostini with heirloom tomatoes, basil, garlic, chevre and crotini. ($12.00) It was very nice indeed!

Unusual items make up about half of the appetizer menu.  Another option was the Roasted Corn and Smoked Brisket Chowder with potatoes, peppers and onion. ($12.00)

Emmett is into steak!  Hence the Seared Beef Tenderloin Tips and Dip. ($16.00) This offering included a half pound of “Omaha Steaks” tenderloin tips served with a choice of 2 sauces.  The choices were house buffalo, house barbeque, sriracha aioli, bourbon mustard and parmesan ranch.  Emmett likes his steak at least medium.

We also ordered Nana’s Meatballs but my photo was far too fuzzy to use in this blog.  The 3 large meatballs that comprise the order are made from a family recipe and come with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. ($15.00) I thought that they were quite good…

I must make note of one other unusual appetizer…that no one ordered but which I’d like to taste as the “Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls”, made with cheddar, jack, parmesan and goat cheese, are outside my usual taste ‘wheelhouse’. ($11.00)

This is the Barrel and Vine Burger. ($15.00) Two ground steak patties, cheddar cheese, and sriracha aioli are served on a brioche bun accompanied by French fries.  Diners can add bacon ($2.00), a fried egg ($2.00), guacamole ($2.00) or roast jalapeno. ($1.00)

If I had chosen a burger, it would have been the Smoked Brisket BBQ Burger. ($16.00) This option is comprised of a ground steak patty, smoked cheddar cheese, house smoked brisket, bacon, BBQ sauce and an onion ring.  I would have given the onion ring to Laurie as a treat…as I don’t care for them.  Would I have added a fried egg?  We may never know…  

I’m not sure who ordered the Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich with French Fries. ($16.00) The grilled mahi mahi came on a ciabatta bun with lemon caper aioli, arugula and bruschetta tomatoes.

I was a little surprised that neither Laurie nor Amy ordered the Cucumber, Avocado and Bacon Sandwich on grilled thick-sliced sourdough bread with arugula and the sriracha aioli. ($12.00)

This platter of food was ordered by David II.  The House Smoked BBQ Pork Tenderloin with whisky sauce was sided by mashed potatoes and grilled Brussel sprouts. ($26.00) I don’t remember any of this entrée making home in a carry out box…

Can you believe the size of this salad!  This is Barrel and Vine’s Chicken Cobb Salad. ($16.00) Laurie almost fell over when this behemoth of a salad was placed in front of her… It consisted of romaine lettuce, smoked blue cheese crumbles, hard-boiled egg, bacon, bruschetta tomatoes, smoked chicken, cucumber and smoked blue cheese dressing.  Wow!

Barrel and Vine was quite the dining experience.  Interesting atmosphere combined with a creative menu that wasn’t totally ‘off the rails’.  This restaurant is located at 1311 South 203rd Street in Omaha Nebraska.  Phone: 402-504-1777.  They are open Tuesday through Friday from 11 AM until closing and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 2 AM.  Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays.  Also FYI, Barrel and Vine ‘celebrates’ Taco Tuesday with chicken, brisket, captain crunch chicken, blackened shrimp and grilled mahi mahi tacos… This restaurant’s website is found at: Barrel & Vine - Omaha Rooftop Pool Bar & Live Music Venue (

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Friday, July 22, 2022

Just About Food!

…just one more home based post before I return to the adventures and experiences from our family road trip this past May to Omaha Nebraska and St. Louis Missouri.

As the title states, this time it is just all about food!

In my last post, I mentioned that we’d had a roasted bacon wrapped pork tenderloin sided with some Main Street Bistro cheesy scalloped potatoes.  Well, I was quite pleased about having leftovers for another satisfying breakfast.  Laurie eats very few leftovers so they are my responsibility.  Waste not, want not!  I heated up the meat and potatoes in a frying pan, and after plating both items I covered half of the potatoes with a couple of easy-over eggs accompanied by a couple slices of buttered toast.

We tend to keep our evening meals simple…and this is a perfect example.  Simple doesn’t mean low quality though.  In this case, I made some coleslaw using Marie’s Coleslaw dressing, then I grilled Kement’s all beef hot dogs while Laurie fried the buns in butter to give them more flavor.  We added a bit of shredded cheese on the bun…really unnecessary…but the final results were Excellent!

We buy Klement’s Hot Dogs at the Fresh Market in Farragut Tennessee.  They are the best hot dogs we’ve come across in years.  There may be a valid reason for the quality.  They are made by the Klement Sausage Company and that company is based in sausage country…Milwaukee Wisconsin!  This company must be doing something right, they’ve been producing quality sausages for over 60 years.  Website:

The next food item was unexpected and never ordered.  I love Heinz Hot and Spicy Ketchup…as its spiced up/heated up with Tabasco sauce.  In the last 2 years I’ve been unable to find it in any of the several grocery stores we frequent, so I’ve taken to ordering it on-line through Amazon, in this case from one of their secondary providers.  Peter’s Select did get the label right…as well as the number of items…but that was about it.

Despite the label, the box contained 6 bags of “Belgian Boys” Belgian Chocolate Cookie Bars.  Since the shipment was delivered on a 90F degree day, that cute little face on the cookies had dissolved into molten chocolate.  We did put them right into the refrigerator in an effort to make them eatable…and they have been…although refrigerated chocolate is never as tasty as the original.

In fairness to Peter’s Select, (the Amazon provider), when they received my complaint/commentary, they did promptly send me my ketchup.  I wonder how an order filler could have made this mistake.  He or she applied the right label on the wrong product…even the wrong food category.  No harm, no foul, at least from our viewpoint…

Moving on…we had friends Jodie and Morrie over for drinks and snacks.  We might have gone a ‘little’ over the top, but on the other hand, no one had to put together a big fancy dinner.  

Hey, we had to serve something with all those different types of crackers!  So we put this charcuterie board together.  It was loaded with 3 different Spanish salamis, Jamon Serrano thin sliced ham, blue cheese, Manchego cheese, Gouda cheese, a spreadable Boursin cheese, an olive and feta cheese mixture from Fresh Market plus some large ‘grape’ tomatoes.  All it was lacking was a yellow cheese for color contrast!   

Laurie made up a batch of her special deviled eggs just in case the charcuterie board wasn’t enough to go around.  She puts small capers in her deviled egg mixture.  The good news is that a few of them were left over…but not for long.

Jodie and Morrie brought a big platter of chicken salad sandwiches along with a large bowl of fresh mixed fruit.  The sandwich mixture included celery for crunch and grapes for a sweet touch…and they were very good.  I actually ate 4 of them! 

That bowl of fruit included 2 varieties of grapes, chunks of watermelon pineapple and blackberries.  It nicely complemented the charcuterie board and chicken salad sandwiches and it should probably have served as our dessert…but on this occasion we went for even more ‘excess’! 

A couple of hours after our feast, during which we consumed a much larger quantity of the items previously described, it was time for dessert.  We topped a portion of Martha Stewart’s warm Apple Crisp with a scoop or two of Talenti brand Madagascar Vanilla Bean gelato.  We were completely satiated…and content too!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

This and That – July 2022

…taking a break from the family visit this past May during which we celebrated our youngest grandson’s graduation.  We’ll pick up on that road trip in a week or so, after a major ‘local holiday’ and a family visit to our home here in ‘paradise’, aka East Tennessee.

So here we go…with food, flowers and critters.

This is a slightly modified breakfast version of one of our favorite easy prep dinners, although it is decidedly not the heathiest thing we could eat.  I still had some Fritos and leftover no bean chili.  Heat up the chili in a frying pan, pour it over the chili flavored Fritos…and add a couple of nice over-easy fried eggs, plus Tabasco.  I had a great breakfast!  Laurie was happy with her favorite, toast and peanut butter.

Another day and another breakfast!  In this case, I had a couple slices of deli style corned beef in the meat keeper so I shredded them up, heated them with butter in the frying pan…and then combined the corned beef with scrambled eggs and shredded sharp cheddar cheese.  Add 2 slices of buttered toast and I was ready to face the day!

The first one of these beautiful pink flowers in our yard was consumed by some sort of critter only 1 day after it bloomed.  Thankfully, additional ‘rain lilies’ have now shown us just how pretty and delicate they are… No one has eaten these, yet. 

There are about 200 recognized species in this genus of plants and other common names include fairy lily, zephyr lily and magic lily.  These perennial bulbs tolerate many ecological climates ranging from periodically wet soil to desert conditions.  Parts of this plant are used for traditional medicines in the treatment of head ache, cough, cold, boils and more.

These bee balm flowers have always been popular with our local honeybees and butterflies.  Bee Balm belong to the genus Monardo and other common names for these plants include bergamot, horsemint and Oswego tea.

The crushed leaves of all species of Monardo give off a spicy, fragrant oil.  It was traditionally used by Native Americans as a seasoning for wild game, especially birds, as well as for a number of medicinal applications, including flatulence.  Bee balm is a natural source of the antiseptic compound thymol, the primary ingredient in some modern commercial mouthwash formulas.

We went on a walk through the neighborhood the other day and I had to take a photo of these big mimosa trees on the corner just a lot or two down from our house.  It’s that time of the year and these trees are in bloom everywhere around here.  They certainly add a bit of mid-summer color!

On the downside, mimosas have become an invasive species in the United States, although it is still planted on the west coast.  Nevertheless, these trees have spread from coast to coast, from Connecticut to Florida, west to Missouri and Illinois and south to Texas. 

Other names for the mimosa tree include the Persian silk tree or pink silk tree.  It is native to southwestern and eastern Asia.  Its leaves close slowly during the night and in periods of rain.  It’s modern Persian name is ‘shabkhosb’ which means ‘night sleeper’ and in China it is called ‘hehuan’, which means ‘shut happy’ and it symbolizes a happy couple in bed.

Part of Laurie’s Scottish family recently celebrated a birthday.  Della just had her 13th birthday!  She’s flanked by her sister Maura and her brother Moir.  Her parents are Hazel and Scott.  Scott is Laurie’s cousin.  Great looking family!  Facebook has been great at helping the family stay in touch...

Back to food… With my current medications I can’t eat much in the way of green vegetables.  Who knew that I’d really miss my broccoli, spinach, green beans and mixed salad greens?!  Since head lettuce has little value going for it and it has little effect on my meds, I do make up a little side salad with some of my meals just to satisfy my need for fresh tasting veggies.  In this case my iceberg lettuce was accompanied by a few slices of yellow squash, bits of carrot and grape tomatoes.  I topped it with Olive Garden’s Italian Salad Dressing and a little pepper. 

The salad was the ‘starter’ dish.  The entrée consisted of slices of roasted pork tenderloin wrapped in smoked bacon and seasoned accompanied by cheesy baked scalloped potatoes.  The potatoes were pre-packaged by Reser’s Fine Foods, aka Main Street Bistro.  Laurie simply adds extra sharp cheddar cheese on top along with some seasonings to give it a bit more pop.

I’d previously published a photo of one of our pig shaped squirrels working on an ear of corn on the squirrel feeder mounted back in the tree line behind our house.  Here is one more photo of one of our fat little tree rats.  

The idea of the squirrel feeder was to draw them away from our bird feeder.  It didn’t work!  That is despite the fact that they can’t really get any food from our feeder because its spring loaded and closes when they jump up on it.  The problem is that they tend to jam up the mechanism and regular adjustments are needed…

The truly positive impact that has revealed itself via that squirrel corn feeder is that those little buggers are sloppy eaters and they leave corn all over the ground at the base of the tree.  That mess draws in the deer who just love that corn!  She looks appreciative don’t you think?  Of course, she is probably the one who eats some of our flowers too, but then again, it’s OK with us…

We do have ‘excitement’ around here once in a while.  With all of the new homes being built in our village, the contractors and service folks coming and going, traffic has really picked up…and so have vehicle accidents.  This nasty accident happened less than a mile from our house at TN Hwy 444 and the road that provides access to our neighborhood and various shopping and service venues.

We were on the way to the grocery store when we first spotted the crash and had to loop around it to get to the store.  This picture was taken as we headed home from with our groceries.  The accident, which involved a US Post Office delivery van among others, was still being cleaned up.  With all of the village volunteers who serve with our fire department and emergency responders, scenes like this always draw a crowd!

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Exploring an Antique Mall + A Special Foodie Treat

Yes!  We did do something other than our ‘exciting’ visit to Lauritzen Gardens and continuously eat when we visited our son and his family this past May.  David II took us to a unique shopping destination.  I’m not a shopper per se but I do enjoy shopping at a quality antique store or consignment ‘mall’. 

This is Omaha's Brass Armadillo Antique Mall.  Unlike most antique shops or dealer based malls, this shopping/browsing destination occupies an impressive 30,000 square feet of space.

While we already have too much vintage stuff and antiques, it never hurts to look does it?  Anything we buy would be small or it might be a gift for someone else…  In any case, we love to see unusual or collectable 'stuff'.

There were a few aisles at the Brass Armadillo…long aisles…where many of the booth occupants/vendors have their ‘valuables’ are all secured in these tall glass cases.  The items in these cases tended to be small collectibles ranging from medals, to sports cards/memorabilia to coins/currency, a plethora of action figures, and die cast cars/vehicles…including “Dinky Toys”, “Matchbox” and “Hot Wheels” models. 

FYI, in case you are curious about the estimated prices of specific models of these popular toys, here are a couple of examples: Matchbox Quarry Truck $15,000; Dinky W.E. Boyce Delivery Van $24,450, and; a ‘miss-painted’ Hot Wheels 1968 Chevy Camaro $100,000. 

What are you interested in?  Variety is the word at The Brass Armadillo.  After all, this antique mall isn’t home for a few dealers, but rather 375 dealers selling just about anything that you can think of.  I noted some interesting military memorabilia, beer related collectables, advertising items, posters and stacks of vinyl records…actually a hot item these days.

This particular booth is loaded with small ceramic collectables, (including a huge selection of rabbits), themed plastic and ceramic cups, and even themed aprons.  My mother would have gone overboard here as she had a rabbit fetish going on…  

How about taxidermy animal heads, skulls, bones, pelts, related artistic items…and more!  Note the glass and ceramic collectables in that mirror with that old geezer taking a photo…

Perhaps these items aren’t what you’re seeking.  How about cow collections, an old washboard, antique and vintage furniture, paintings/prints, books, comics, baskets, board games, oddities, old phones, luggage, cameras or canning jars?  Few collectors, or even those just seeking décor items will wander through these aisles and not see something that piques their interest.

I included this photo just to provide another image that can give you an idea of just how extensive…how large, this antique mall actually is.  The items I can identify in this photo include coke collectables, beer steins, old beer bottles…empty and full, glassware, wall décor, vintage clothing, bird houses and even a vintage washing machine.

Do you have a den, game room or business where you need signs and related décor to set the ambiance?  While these signs do appear to mostly be reprints, recreations or are about current new products, this is the place to fulfill your theme.

Here is the front desk at The Brass Armadillo…where you make your purchases.  Note the happy enthusiastic employees!  The fellow with the beard, braided hair and headband is actually holding our purchases, limited as they were.  Laurie picked up a “Barbie Doll” for her great nieces and I was happy as I was able to find a few old postcards to add to my collection. 

It’s especially hard to find postcards that meet my requirements unless I shop on-line, where the prices are bonkers.  My collection requires that postcards still have their postage attached and I need to be able to see the date the postcard was mailed…1920 or earlier.  In addition, the topic/picture has to draw my interest.  My preferences include but aren’t limited to trains, boats, trucks, cars, streetcars, airplanes (planes up to 1960) and interesting city or historical landscapes. 

In addition to normal shopping hours, The Brass Armadillo also hosts seminars, workshops, training events and social gatherings.  The idea is to connect dealers and shoppers who share the love for all things that are antique or vintage. 

Believe it or not, there are six (6) Brass Armadillo locations.  In addition to Omaha they are in Kansas City MO (400 dealers), Des Moines IA (400 dealers, Denver CO (600 dealers, and there are 2 locations in Phoenix AZ. (550 dealers and 600 dealers) Omaha is the smallest location!

The Brass Armadillo in Omaha Nebraska is located at 10666 Sapp Brothers Drive.  Phone: 402-896-9140.  Website:

Next stop…something to eat at a place that fits into the antique or vintage experience following our shopping at The Brass Armadillo.  David II had never been to Orsi’s Italian Bakery and Pizzeria, but he had heard about it…and knowing that both Laurie and I love old time foodie joints, he’d set this destination for our lunch.

This restaurant and bakery was founded in 1919 by World War I veteran Alfonso Orsi.  This bakery and pizzeria is one of the last remnants of Omaha’s ‘Little Italy’.  For over 100 years, their Italian twist bread and hearty Sicilia-style pizza have been a community staple.  Orsi’s is still a family operation after all these years.

In reality, Orsi’s is a take-out operation, although there is seating and tables where one can eat their pizzas.  Customers place their order at the counter from either the menu board or a printed take-out menu.  We noted that most of the customers were regulars and many stopped to chat with the owner while waiting for their orders.  Along one wall you can see photos and mementos from years passed including celebrity diners.  Further along the wall one can find a variety of mostly Italian specialty food items…

How important and beloved is this local food icon?  In 1997, a fire gutted the bakery and destroyed the livelihood of the Orsi family.  But the community rallied around the family.  They helped clean up the rubble and raise funds to rebuild the bakery in the same location…and so the story and the food continues…

We ordered 2 pizzas, one with just cheese and one with pepperoni and cheese.  Jim, the owner, also insisted that we couldn’t just order the pizza but we had to try his cheese garlic bread…no charge for it either!  The pizza was very good indeed, as was the cheese garlic bread.

But, my favorite food experience at Orsi’s was an item that sadly, they just don’t offer for sale.  Maybe because I’m an old guy, or perhaps he ‘might have noticed’ that I’m ‘into’ food, he decided to make up a sandwich for me with his fresh Italian bread and a selection of Italian cold cuts and cheese.  It was amazing!  Laurie and David II can verify my opinion as I did give each of them a small taste…just a bite…of my sandwich.  No photo though... I liked it so much that I downed it before even thinking about taking a picture!

I took this photo of our son, David II, and our grandson/new graduate, Emmett Lee as we waited for our pizzas.  The whole experience, Jim, his regulars, the tradition and the food…provided a true quality moment.

In many ways, Orsi’s Italian Bakery and Pizzeria is really a local Italian Grocery.  In addition to the pizza, goudarooni (double crusted pizza) and garlic cheese bread, Orsi’s offers 13 different meats and 14 different cheeses to go…1/4 lb. minimum.  Then there are 7 different breads available as well as 15 types of pasta, a selection of olives and peppers…and much more.

Orsi’s Italian Bakery and Pizzeria is located at 521 Pacific Street in Omaha Nebraska.  Phone: 402-345-3438.  Website:  

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