Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Fun Food Joint!

Summer vacations are almost over for 2010, but I didn't want to miss talking about Eddie's Grill! Located in Geneva-on-the-Lake Ohio, Eddie's is a true classic 50's throwback! Better yet, Geneva-on-the-Lake is a town that isn't aware that the 1950's era is long gone... The whole village is nicely stuck in the 50's!

Eddie's Grill is a real family spot... If you aren't into a flock of kids running around and having fun, this place isn't for you! To add to the ambiance, there is a quarter per play jukebox loaded with old time rock 'n roll tunes at every booth... The music adds to that family feeling! This is just a fun place...

So, step up to the counter and place your order! Good Steakburgers, hot dogs, sloppy joes, french fries, real lemonade and home brewed root beer! If you need a little something extra, there's even an attached Dairy Queen for dessert...

Eddie's Grill is located at 5377 Lake Road East, (Ohio Route 531) on Lake Erie...about midway between Cleveland and Erie Pennsylvania. Phone: 440-466-8720.

Unfortunately, the summer season at Eddie's ends on Labor Day, but hey...there is always next summer!


  1. Awesome photos, happy travels. Keri

  2. Keri, Thanks for the positive input... My wife Laurie takes most of the photos and she's quite good at it. My goal is to keep this Blog Site interesting with a variety of food, attractions and travel related bits and pieces. Take Care,
    Big Daddy Dave