Monday, August 29, 2011

A Son’s Review #1 – East Tennessee Restaurants

When my son David and his family visited recently, one of his goals was to dine at a couple of the local restaurants that Laurie and I have enjoyed and that he’s read about via my blog site.

This is our ‘little boy’, David II and his wife Amy.  It’s a little weird but whenever David and I spend some time together, it’s like were in an eating competition!  The first night at our house witnessed the destruction of 2 racks of Larry’s ribs and a bunch of side dishes… (Larry =

The next challenge was David’s test of East Tennessee Asian cuisine.  Both he and Amy love Asian food and they just haven’t found a spot close to their home in northern Ohio that they like.

So, it was off to WokStar Asian Cuisine in Lenoir City Tennessee.  This is another restaurant that I have written about and commented on several times over the past year or so…

Our oldest grandson, David II, ordered the Egg Rolls. ($4.25) We’ll have to assume that he liked them as he didn’t share them with anyone else!

David II ordered Crab Wontons, ($6.75), for the table to share.  I thought that they were good but they definitely weren’t my favorite appetizer.

I ordered the Thai Chicken Wings, ($6.25), for everyone to share.  I ended up eating most of them because, even though they were very tasty, they were messy to eat.  What a ‘burden’ for me…sacrificing myself to ensure that these spicy and flavorful wings were not wasted! 

David II also order the Dynamite Shrimp, ($6.50), for the table to share…enough food already!  These were the Big Hit among the appetizers.  Everyone loved them! 

Note: I would advise that diners shouldn’t order the Dynamite Shrimp and Thai Chicken Wings at the same meal.  Both are excellent…but the flavor of the shrimp overrides the taste of the wings.

Amy ordered the Candied WokStar Chicken and reported that it was very tasty. ($8.25) Nothing remained on her plate when we left the restaurant…

Both Laurie and David II ordered the Peppered WokStar Beef. ($8.25) Again, there was a lot of positive feedback…  Both David and Amy told us that they would love to have a casual, family friendly, yet stylish Asian restaurant like WokStar close to where they live in northern Ohio.  They’d be regular customers!

I ordered one of my favorite WokStar entrees…Orange Dynasty Chicken ($8.25).  As usual, it tasted great and they raised the ‘heat’ to that perfect low burn that I do enjoy with Asian cooking!

So…in conclusion, with WokStar, I managed to pass my son’s first critical review of one of Laurie and my favorite restaurants in East Tennessee. 
WokStar Asian Cuisine is located at 149 Kelsey Lane, Suite 108 in Lenoir City Tennessee.  Phone: 865-986-0996.  Website:  

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  1. I'm surprised you could eat a meal after all those appetizers - everything looks very good.