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Yacht Club Dining in East Tennessee

A few weeks ago, after a round of golf, our friends Karen and Charlie invited us to join them for dinner.  They were taking a nephew and his wife to the Tellico Village Yacht Club.  Laurie and I hadn’t eaten there in quite a while and this was an opportunity to see how the Blue Heron Restaurant was doing under new management.

The setting is hard to beat!  This is a summertime aerial view that I ‘borrowed’ from the Internet.  The restaurant is on the second floor of the Yacht Club and from the dining room the view is great in any direction…

Here’s a view from the restaurant the day we were there in the late fall season… Not too bad!!

 The Blue Heron Restaurant at the Tellico Village Yacht Club is operated by The Compass Group LLC, which is based in Charlotte North Carolina.  The Compass Group is a worldwide food service company doing billions of dollars in business and employing over 160,000 people.

Here we are at our table…with Karen, Charlie and I facing both the camera plus Karen’s nephew and his wife.  Of course, my wife and best friend Laurie is absent from the photo, because as usual, she was the photographer.

This is a general view of the dining room as taken from our vantage point.  It’s a large room with lots of light and plenty of room between the tables.

Laurie started out with a side Caesar Salad and she gave it a solid review… Note: All entrees at the Blue Heron come with one side.

I went with the Tellico Village Signature Salad to start…a wedge of lettuce with tomatoes, blue cheese, plenty of smoked bacon and more blue cheese dressing then I needed.  It was very good!

Charlie ordered the Fettuccini with shrimp in a sun dried tomato and portabella cream sauce. ($16.00) He thought that it was great!

A cloud must have passed over me when I ordered the Fish Fry… It was described as the fresh catch of the day, hand breaded and crisp fried.  In an effort to make up for the big salad, I ordered the mixed vegetables as my side.  The veggies were cooked just right… Then there was the fish.  First of all, for $13.00, I felt that I’d just been robbed.  Others at the table also remarked on the ‘fish shortage’ and the overall appearance of my entrée…

An even bigger problem was the fact that this ‘fresh catch of the day’ must have gone ‘fresh’ from the freezer to the fryer.  If they were really hand breaded, I wondered where and when that had been done… When I cut into these fish ‘nuggets’, a bit of water drained out of them and they just didn’t taste like they’d been completely cooked.  Definitely not a great entrée!

On the other hand, there was this handsome entrée with 3 large Tilapia filets sided with sweet potato fries… ($14.00) I can’t recall what the sauce was but, in any case, this member of our party gave this fish dish 2 thumbs up!

Another multiple winner was the Chicken Cordon Bleu! ($13.00) Three diners at our table indulged in this classic…a chicken breast stuffed with country ham and Swiss cheese, then lightly breaded, baked and served with a brown mushroom sauce.

In summary, with the exception of myself, everyone enjoyed their entrees.  The prices were reasonable, the setting is terrific and the service was solid.  Laurie and I will return again to sample the menu and to see if I can erase my negative experience with a more positive one.
The Tellico Village Yacht Club with the Blue Heron Restaurant is located at 100 Sequoyah Road in Loudon Tennessee.  Phone: 865-657-9624. 
Curiously, this outpost of the giant Compass Group does not have its own website.  One has to search under Tellico Village ‘Amenities’ at to find the restaurant.  To save time, here is the website within the website for the Blue Heron/Yacht Club Restaurant:  Apparently, they could use a little help with their marketing efforts… It’s hard to ‘sell’ an nice restaurant in a private development to the public if you can’t 'see it' on or find it on the Internet!
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  1. Sorry your's was a bust and it does look like you were robbed.