Friday, May 4, 2012

A Bite of Greek Food…

Laurie and I miss Greek cuisine!  When we lived in the Chicago area, we had many top quality Greek restaurants to choose from…but in East Tennessee, the choices are few and far between. (There is one in Knoxville that we will try out soon…)

So…while we were in southeast Florida, Dawn Marie took us to lunch with Chris, one of her friends and business associates.  She and Chris temporarily satisfied our Grecian yearnings!

Lunch was at the Egg and Dart in Miami.  This restaurant is in the Miami Design District, an area full of decorator, home furnishings, antiques and art shops.  To learn more about the Miami Design District, just go to

The interior of the Egg and Dart is bright, with simple décor and clean lines.  I’m sure that the feeling is meant to evoke the Mediterranean…perhaps even a restaurant on the Grecian island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea.

The meal certainly started out positively!  How can you beat a nice hunk of crusty rustic Greek bread with a nice olive oil dipping sauce?  I could have just filled up on the bread and dipping oil!

We started out with a Mezze, the Pikilia plate. ($15.00) It consisted of Tzatziki, Hummus, Taramosalata, Tirokafteri, veggies with Pita bread…a variety of great flavors and a great way to start out our little mid-day repast! 

Of course, we also had to have some Saganaki…lightly pan fried melted Kefalograviera cheese. ($10.00) This has always been one of our favorite Greek mezze/appetizers.

I have personally missed one of my favorites, Grecian Chicken…a half roast chicken with lemon, oregano, Greek herbs and oven roasted lemon potatoes. ($17.00) It was very good…although not as heavy on the garlic as it would have been in Chicago.

Dawn Marie ordered the Pastitsio…Greek macaroni, ground beef, topped with béchamel and served with mixed greens. ($12.00) She definitely enjoyed her meal…

Laurie ordered the luncheon lamb special…and I failed to note what it was named.  It wasn’t the prettiest of dishes…but she assured us that it tasted far better than it appeared.  However, given all of the other choices on the menu, this wasn’t something that she’d order again.

Laurie couldn’t resist having a cappuccino.  It was a nice Italian way to cap off a casual Greek luncheon!

If we’d been in Miami a little longer, we would have liked to return to the Egg and Dart for dinner.  We both love Greek Grilled Octopus ($15.00); Shrimp Saganaki ($14.00), Lamb Chops ($33.00), Lamb Shank ($22.00) and we might try the Grecian Skirt Steak ($24.00).  The prices are a little steep for a retired couple but when you’re in Miami…or any big city…higher prices are part of the environment.
Hey Chris…Thanks again for lunch!!
Egg andDart is located at 4029 North Miami Avenue in Miami Florida.  Phone: 786-431-1022.  Website: 
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Thanks for stopping by and sharing lunch with us!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. It sounds like you had a really nice dining experience. It is hard to love ethnic food and then find yourself in an area where it is not available. I can't tell you how much I miss a really good pastrami sandwich. Deli's here in the PNW don't quite measure up to NYC's finest :-). Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary