Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rockin’ Robin’s – Booneville AR

Moving south from Rogers Arkansas, then skirting around Ft. Smith on our way to Hot Springs, we stuck to the back roads.  We headed east on Arkansas Rte. 10 through some really pretty country, planning to turn south on AR Rte. 7 and then on into Hot Springs.

But of course, one must stop and refuel oneself somewhere along the route.  So, when we entered Booneville Arkansas, we had our eyes open for a luncheon opportunity…

That’s when we ran across Rockin’ Robin’s in downtown Booneville… We liked the name and there were a couple of cars parked out front even though it was a bit after the normal lunch hour.  We decided to give it a try…

The inside of Rockin’ Robin’s was clean and bright, if a bit sparse and very basic in its décor.   

We started out with a Frito Pie for our appetizer, mainly because it had been a long time since we’d even seen one on a menu!  It was very good with lots of chili and cheese slathered over the Fritos…

I had the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of deep fried okra.  It all tasted good to me!   Very satisfying…

FYI, We never thought that we’d appreciate okra in any form, that was until Bev, that is Big Dude’s better half, introduced us to the fried version. (Check out Big Dude’s blog and food related stories at

Since we’d already had the Frito Pie, Laurie ordered a simple bacon cheeseburger with lots of pickles on the side.  It was a bit overcooked but it still hit the spot. 

This is a photo of the chef, (on the left), and our waitress.  She moved to Booneville from Houston Texas.  She was very personable and friendly, attending to all of our needs and talking a bit about the area and her move from Houston.

Our waitress, (we had written down both of their names but I’ve apparently lost the note), was very disappointed that we were too full to try their homemade fudge.  So, she put six pieces of the turtle fudge in this box and gave it to us to take on our journey…a nice touch indeed!  It was very good fudge!

Normally, this is where I’d give you the address and phone number of the restaurant… However, I didn’t have a receipt to work from and when I tried to look up Rockin’ Robin’s on the internet or in the phone directory.   I even tried a reverse phone look up…to no avail.  Our lunch was in late May but it appears that 6 weeks later, Rockin’ Robin’s is not any more.  Too bad!  It was a good lunch served by some nice people.  Perhaps being downtown but not directly on AR Rte. 10 was the issue…
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Thanks for sharing part of our journey with us…
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave  


  1. Looks like you found another good place and I see you ordered your normalk figure friendly plate.

  2. I love, really love all the food you and wife eat!!LOL

  3. I live here in Booneville. Rockin' Robin's still exists and seems to be doing fairly well. I'm not sure why they can't seem to be found on the internet.

    I don't know the address and can't seem to find it at the moment, but the phone number is (479) 675-0400.

    1. Staci, Thanks for the information! We're glad that Rockin' Robins is still in operation. We liked the place and especially the people. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I am Robin of Rockin' Robin's. My brother sent me the link to your blog. Thank you so much for the great review. Here's our info for those of you travelling through: 266 N Broadway 479-675-0400 for the cafe and 479-719-8468 for cakes, catering and special orders. Best wishes and safe travels to all!

  5. Also, we've taken down the awning outside and painted the lower half of the building bright red. We're planning on having a sign up in the next month. We've also made some changes to the inside and continue to add to the decor as we grow. So, come back and see us when you get the chance Big Daddy Dave!