Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another East Tennessee 'Blizzard'!

Finally!  A snow storm hits the Tennessee River Valley in Eastern Tennessee… Heck, it’s only January 17 and here comes the winter weather!  To think that we set a temperature record of 75 degrees just a few days earlier! 

This is the second time that it’s snowed in these parts this winter…but this one included some serious wind and a little sleet.
Wow!  The green grass is acquiring a slight whitish hue to it!  This snowfall could be even less of a factor than the last one was…
Sorry for this photo on its side... I couldn't change it.  Why?
But it must be serious!  Our local weathercasters were sooo excited!  Knoxville’s West Town Mall closed at about 6 PM on a weekday.  The highways and byways are a disaster.  Traffic is at a standstill… (Note: We’re about 40 minutes south of McGhee Tyson Airport where the weather bureau recorded 2.5 “ of snow)

In fairness, Knoxville recorded 2 – 4” of snow depending on just where you live.  Also, because of the excessive rainfall, they couldn’t apply the brine treatments to the roadways as it would just wash away.

Where we live, it didn’t get much worse than this photo shows…and by 11 AM the following morning, any traces of snow were gone.  This ‘winter weather’ demonstrates precisely why we moved to East Tennessee from the Chicago area!  Please note however that almost all local schools were closed for the day.  The county and state road departments don’t have enough equipment to spread salt brine on all of the hilly roads…and the school buses just can’t complete their routes up and down through the coves and valleys…
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  1. It is always great when a predicted storm turns out to be a non-event :-). You still got to see the snow in pristine conditions and never had to lift a shovel. That's the best of all possible worlds. I hope all is well, Dave. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary