Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breakfast – Etowah, TN

Laurie and I had to make a quick early morning trip down to Etowah Tennessee to drop off a number of decorative items to be sold by Bid to Buy Auctions. (

So we asked John Bohannon, Bid to Buy’s owner, if he could aim us at a good place for breakfast in Etowah.  He thought for about 30 seconds and then he sent us to Shelby’s Restaurant…

I wonder just how many times we’ve driven past Shelby’s without recognizing it as a restaurant.  There’s a bright and shiny Mexican restaurant next door and a couple of other businesses on the other side of the highway which draw your attention…and with the gravel parking area and the plain appearance of the building…we never ‘saw’ Shelby’s.

Once inside the restaurant, the grill with a counter and stools are on the left and there are several tables off to the right.  Shelby’s was very clean and comfortable, even if the interior was as understated as the restaurant’s exterior.

This was Laurie’s breakfast… her favorite basic standby! (Bacon with eggs over easy, hash browns and toast) The bacon was thick and had great flavor, the eggs were just right and her hash browns were actually browned the way both of us like them!

I had to try something other than my basic breakfast, (which is Laurie’s with sausage instead of bacon), so I jumped out there and ordered two eggs over easy with hash browns and fried pork tenderloin.  I added a single biscuit and sausage gravy for us both to try…

I would have been happier if I’d ordered toast so I could have made a sandwich with the pork tenderloin, which, dipped in the yokes, would have made a perfect breakfast!  Still, I really liked the hashbrowns and eggs with the tenderloin.  Laurie and I both agreed that the biscuit was nice but, as transplanted northerners, we just haven’t become acclimated to the sweeter version of sausage gravy favored in the south.
All in all, this was one of the better breakfasts that we’ve had since moving to East Tennessee.  I also noted on Yahoo that someone had given Shelby’s  4 ½ stars out of 5 for their hamburger and cole slaw.  We will be back!  Shelby’s Restaurant is located at 327 North Tennessee, (US Hwy. 411), in Etowah.  Phone: 423-263-0053.
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