Friday, February 7, 2014

Aunt Lois’ 100th Birthday Party!

We recently traveled to St. Louis Missouri for my Aunt Lois’ 100th Birthday Celebration! The Templeton/McCormick Clan gathered together from around North America to commemorate this momentous event!

The party was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton, Missouri. This is a view of the lobby.  The out of town family members, ourselves included, stayed in the hotel.  It was a beautiful facility for holding such a large gathering.

This sign speaks for itself!

This beautiful birthday cake wasn’t just pretty to look at but as we later learned, it was delicious!

As members of the family entered the banquet room, Aunt Lois was waiting to greet each person!  This is Aunt Lois with her granddaughter, Linda Horn. Linda, along with Bonnie Templeton planned the whole wonderful event!  Bonnie’s husband and one of Aunt Lois’ sons, Alan Templeton, graciously took care of the expense.

This is Aunt Lois greeting her niece Carla, a member of the Wisconsin contingent. Aunt Lois’ son Alan is looking on… Aunt Lois was very surprised and happy to see all of the out of state family members!

This is an overview of the banquet room.  In the foreground are two of Aunt Lois’ nephews.  Rick is on the right and Jim is on the left with his wife Shirley.  My sister Bonnie Comer is in the background between the two men.

This is Aunt Lois’ table at the party.  Her nephew Royce Rossier is sitting next to her.

This was our table… From left to right, my brother in law Ken Gross, his wife and my sister Glenda, my brother in law Bill Comer and his wife, my sister Bonnie.

Most of the family at this table are from Wisconsin.  From left wearing black with the silver necklace is Lois’ niece Carla Rossier-Iwanski, Jill with her husband and Lois’ nephew Rex Rossier, then nephew Rick Rossier and his wife Marie.

This view is of the first series of tables at the brunch which contain many types of salads as well as pita bread, rolls and fresh fruit.

This is a view of the “hot table” selection for the brunch.  Many interesting and delicious choices were available!

This is a photo of my plate!  Everything was fresh and well prepared… Like a good girl, I cleaned my plate!

Here is the Boaz Steiner, Executive Chef for the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Job well done Chef Steiner!

Here is Aunt Lois' son Alan Templeton giving a short and interesting presentation recapping Aunt Lois’ long and storied life.  He managed to include anecdotes from almost every decade of her long life!
Alan’s presentation was followed by a very well done slide presentation that was put together by Linda Horn.  She had requested photos from family members and she created a slide presentation that ranged from Aunt Lois’ early life till the present. 

Queen for the day!  Lois Arline McCormick Templeton…

Linda Horn had arranged for a photographer to take group photos of family members.  In this picture, we have Aunt Lois and her three sons, Alan, Jim and John. Alan’s wife Bonnie is on the left and John’s wife Rose is on the right.

Bonnie Templeton, Alan’s wife, was responsible for the venue, menu and most of the related arrangements for this terrific event! 

This is a candid shot by Big Daddy Dave.  As you can see, the subjects were still being placed by the photographer.  These are all Aunt Lois’ grandchildren and their spouses.

You can’t see Aunt Lois due to all the great grandchildren surrounding her!  What a great looking group!  They represent a large portion of ‘the future’ for our family.

We had a lovely time with all our extended family but the visit was way too short.  Family members came from Canada, California, Wisconsin, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, and of course we came from East Tennessee.

Once again, many thanks to Bonnie Templeton, Linda Horn and Alan Templeton for arranging for this memorable family celebration!

Just click on any of the photos if you’d like to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this happy day with us! 

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  1. I love the picture of Aunt Lois with all the children!

  2. Hi Laurie! Aww what a wonderful party! :D

    Happy Birthday again to your aunt. It looks as if you all had a wonderful time. Beautiful photos.


  3. Dear Laurie, What a beautiful celebration. It is such a blessings to have such a nice big lovely family to celebrate this occasion.
    Blessings, Catherine