Monday, August 4, 2014

A Casual Feast on the Lake!

As Laurie’s sister and her brother-in-laws visit neared its end, all of us had one more very pleasant and satisfying experience…dinner on Tellico Lake…Big Dude and Beverly’s party dock to be specific.  Check out Big Dude's blogsite at:

Their dock sits way up in a cove that only has one other rarely used dock in operation.  It’s a peaceful location surrounded with lots of trees…and it’s my favorite fishing hole too!

Bill…a police officer from the St. Louis MO area…has his back to Laurie’s smart phone/camera.  Bonnie is next on the left, then me, Big Dude (aka Larry) and Bev.

Larry and Bev have 3 dogs and a cat…if anyone can really ‘have’ a cat.  So there is Sweetie, Coco, Miss Kitty and this is Bodie.  Bodie joined the family as their granddaughter Madison’s pet… Bodie loves laps!

Bill and Bonnie really like chilling out on Bev and Larry’s dock!  Bill loves to fish so we went fishing 3 times on the dock during their visit… We didn’t catch much, but no matter what, it beats working!

I do take some of the pictures, (this one featuring Laurie and Bill), using a digital camera rather than a ‘smartphone’. 
I don’t have a smartphone and I’m very content with my old fashioned flip phone.  Last year I logged cell phone usage of only 22 minutes!  It’s a big change from my retail days when I had to be in constant communication with my staff and management…

On to the food!  We were started out with sweet hush puppies and honey as an appetizer.  Then we went for the gusto!  ‘Regular’ and delicious hush puppies and fried pan fish…or as they call them in these parts…fried ‘brim’.  I don’t believe that we left any of the fried fish behind!  I loved fried ‘panfish’ and these were great!!

‘Brim’ is a term used to describe several species of fish…including bluegill, sunfish, warmouth and pumpkinseed.  It’s also loosely used to describe any small ‘panfish’ and even some saltwater species.  Brim and bream are sometimes used interchangeably. 

I forgot to take photos of the ‘side’ dishes until it was almost too late.  This was what was left of some very yummy coleslaw…

Another fuzzy photo by Big Daddy Dave…pole or long beans cooked at length with ham hocks and some spices.  I had 3 helpings and Laurie was inspired to cook this side dish at home! Delicious!

Madison, Bev and Larry’s 16 year old granddaughter came down to visit with us for a bit… She’s pretty, smart and funny too!  Bodie found another lap... Bev’s sister Pat joined us for dinner as well but I didn’t get a printable photo of her…Sorry Pat!

As the evening approached and the shadows lengthened the time for our departure neared.  Thanks to Larry and Bev’s wonderful hospitality, Bonnie and Bill’s last night in East Tennessee was a pleasant and laid back experience indeed!

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Everything tastes better on the water and this meal is no exception. Larry and Bev know their way around the kitchen and I have NO doubt that this meal was delicious.

  2. Dear Dave, There really is nothing better than to have good food and good friends to enjoy it with . Blessings, Catherine

  3. Thanks for the fine post about our very pleasant evening as mine had very little to say about it. I really like your shot of the platter of food. We always enjoy having you guys over and will look forward to our next opportunity.