Monday, March 28, 2016

Birthdays and Thanksgiving in Omaha

Laurie and I have been spoiled since moving to East Tennessee from the Chicago area.  Our winters are mild and snowfall with resulting slippery roads is quite infrequent… We generally avoid heading north after the first of November.  In the spring we avoid driving north until late in March or around the first of April. 

But sometimes we do gamble on the weather and road conditions.  Thanksgiving and a ‘flock’ of important birthdays can cause us to live dangerously… So, this past November we headed out to Omaha for a family visit over the Thanksgiving weekend…

We try to time our visits to Omaha so that we can maximize the time we can spend with our grandsons…as well as our son David and daughter in law Amy.  Holiday weekends, spring break and summer vacation are the best times to guarantee any significant ‘face time’ with the family.  Their ‘life schedule’ is hectic in any case and it is a bit crazy during the school year.

The day we arrived, our youngest grandson, Emmett Lee, was prepping part of our evening meal.  He was very focused!

Emmett was working in tandem with his dad, David II.  David II does a fair amount of cooking in the household… I’m only good for grilling or making breakfast so he’s a step or two above me skill-wise.

During any Thanksgiving visit with David II and the family, we always celebrate 3 birthdays that are grouped relatively close together.  Emmett Lee just turned 12 years old…  With kids today, it’s mostly all about video games and electronics.  We were very happy that Emmett had listed a number of actual print copy books on his wish list!

On the other hand, David III celebrated his 15th birthday with video games!  He still does read print books though and he seems to enjoy the National Geographic subscription that we renew for him at Christmas every year…

The third birthday that we celebrate during these visits is Nana’s. (Aka Laurie or grandma) Her age is classified and is released on a ‘need-to-know’ basis only but suffice it to say she is a heck of a lot younger than yours truly!  Laurie really cashed in with a purse, a bunch of books and a movie CD.  She is an avid reader and what woman doesn’t like purses!

The birthday “cake of choice” of choice was this giant chocolate chip cookie.  Emmett Lee is always first to blow out the candles…sometimes even before birthday wishes are formulated!

And so we progressed to Thanksgiving… Amy and David II worked as a team in the kitchen prepping and cooking our holiday meal.  He looks good in an apron, doesn’t he? 

Recently Laurie finally got it through my head that I need to wear an apron whenever I cook…i.e. grill or fry.  Her logic was simple… Wear an apron or do your own  laundry!  I caved in immediately!

How about that turkey!  It was great looking and it was cooked perfectly…
FYI…my main assignment on Turkey Day takes place right after the family feast.  I am the expert ‘carcass stripper’, tasked with the duty of recovering as much usable meat from the bird as possible.  Leftovers are critical…otherwise how could David II and I pig out on piled high turkey and stuffing sandwiches!?

Laurie took this family photo at the dining room table.  From the left, David III, David II, me, Amy, Emmett Lee, RuRu (grandma), Amy’s sister Shelby and her son Dalton.

Laurie was thoughtful enough to take a photo of her dinner plate.  Looks pretty good!  The set of china was passed down to David and Amy from my mother…
Amy took this nice photo of Laurie and I with ‘the boys’!  

Amy loves to take photographs…and she’s good at it too!  We went for a drive looking for venues that suited her creative needs.  We found a nice setting on a school campus. 

I am about 6 ft. tall… Fifteen year old David II is standing a little closer to the camera but there is no doubt that he has vertically surpassed me!  The doctor has told his parents that he’s likely to top out at around 6 ft. 7 in.  Emmett Lee won’t be short either…probably around 6 ft. 3 in.  If I do say so myself, they are a couple of good looking boys and they’re good kids too! Both very smart as well and excellent in school!

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a family visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. How fun that Emmett Lee is learning to cook. Men in the kitchen rock in my estimation. In fact my husband taught me to cook, not my mother, who wouldn't let me in the kitchen. Looks like you celebrated lots of b'days and that always make the visit special. I'm still not used to seeing you with your "new" look, but I really like it. To me, it makes you look younger, but Laure gets the final say. It's always good when "Mama's happy".

  2. I would point out that I wear an apron primarily because I also do the laundry!!

    1. And I wear an apron because Laurie does the laundry! If I didn't wear one, I'd be doing the laundry so it was a no brainer for me too...

  3. Ha, ha, ha! Just saw Dave's remark above this! He should be adding comedian to his resume!!! Great family post, BDD! It's always good when the guys know their way around in the kitchen! You have a tall crew also, like ours.
    Mercy, I just noticed that you have a beard! Due to playing nurse, I haven't been around blogland lately, so will have to check out your old posts. Wonderful pic of the boys with you guys! Nice post. Have a great week! It was only a little over 40 degrees here today in Cary, I can tell you miss it. :-)