Monday, December 19, 2016

Dining Here and There…

What follows is a summary of recent miscellaneous dining experiences, both at home and in local restaurants.  I’ve posted both of these restaurants previously but this time we tried different appetizers or entrees than we did before…

Our first stop is at Wild Wings Café in the Knoxville Tennessee area’s Turkey Creek shopping area. (Not to be confused with Buffalo Wild Wings) This restaurant/sports bar/entertainment venue is huge and it’s located at 11335 Campbell Lakes Drive in Farragut Tennessee.  Phone: 865-777-9464.  Website:

We started out with one of our favorite appetizers…but I didn’t take a picture of it… FYI, it was the Buffalo Chicken Dip…shredded chicken in a creamy and spicy sauce with a hint of blue cheese and served with warm tortilla chips. ($7.29)

Laurie decided to try one of the ‘Wild Wraps’.  This is the “Buffarella”. ($8.29) She chose the homemade chips as her side.  The wrap is filled with spicy chicken strips dipped in a hot sauce of your choice, with lettuce, diced tomatoes, mozzarella and cheddar cheese with ranch dressing.  She likes wraps and this one was very satisfying indeed!

I decided to go for the Big Buffalo Chicken Salad. ($9.29) I chose the fried chicken with the parmesan and garlic marinade as the topping for a big salad bowl with greens, cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, bacon and homemade blue cheese dressing.  I’d had this creation before on several occasions but I thought that it wasn’t quite as good as before.  It seemed to me that the chicken pieces were more small ‘nuggets’ than the sliced fried breast meat that I remembered.  It was still very satisfactory…

Back in our own kitchen and it was time for breakfast… Fortunately my better half hadn’t been able to finish her Pasta Carbonara from our dinner at Classico at Tellico Village.   So for the first step I just heated the leftovers in a frying pan…

FYI… Classico Restaurant at Tellico Village is located at 206B Village Square across from the Chota Center at the stoplight at the corner of TN Hwy. 444 and Chota Road.  Phone: 865-657-6300.  Website:

I added some cracked red pepper flakes and a lot of parmesan to the pasta carbonara as I heated it in the pan…

You guessed it!  When the pasta was nice and hot, I fried up a couple of easy over eggs and dropped them on top of the parmesan loaded pasta.  The creaminess of the eggs and pasta blended together like it was meant to be!  I will do this again if I ever have any leftover pasta with Alfredo sauce to work with…

A couple of days later we went out to eat with our friends Lynn and George.  We had recently been to K Town Tavern in Knoxville but our friends had never eaten there. 

Lynn decided to go with a steak as they are prominently featured on K Town’s menu and it’s one of her favorite foods.  This is the 9 oz. Seasoned Sirloin Steak with a side of French fries. ($16.99) Yes, that is a slice of pizza on her plate! It was a sample of George’s choice for dinner that he shared. Lynn enjoyed her steak and didn’t offer any negative comments.

 Laurie ordered one of K Town Tavern’s 12” Pizzas, this one with Pepperoni and Italian Sausage. ($14.49) She had spoken to the pizza chef on her way into the restaurant and she had told him that she likes her pizza with a crispy thin crust and cut into squares (St. Louis style) instead of slices.

The ingredients were very good…with flavorful bites of sausage and a nice quality pepperoni.  She got her square cut pizza but the crust wasn’t thin enough or crispy enough for her taste.  However it was a good pizza, ranking 3rd in her opinion in the greater Knoxville area.  Number 1 is Little Joe’s and number 2 is Rosati’s Pizza.

George went for a Margarita Pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomato, garlic basil and olive oil. ($11.99) He went for slices rather than squares and he was very happy with his choice.

Since steaks are so prominently featured on K Town Tavern’s menu, I decided to jump out there and go for a ‘seared premium cut’ and the most expensive steak on the menu.  This was the 12 oz. Grilled Marinated Ribeye accompanied by parmesan roasted potatoes. ($25.99)

I took the photo after I’d already attacked the potatoes.  Unfortunately, they were the best part of my meal.  The steak wasn’t all that flavorful, there was a lot of fat and waste, it wasn’t very tender and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who likes steak.  Win some…lose some!  We have liked everything else we’ve eaten here…

K Town Tavern is located at 320 North Peters Road in Knoxville Tennessee.  Phone: 865-691-8144.  Website:

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Thanks for stopping by to see what’s on the menu!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Oh my goodness, Dave, the food looks delicious! It is a good thing I will be eating supper in a couple of hours. Everything in your photos looks succulent! Thank you so much for sharing, I always enjoy your posts. :)

  2. Food all looks delicious, Dave! And the eggs don't surprise me at all, good breakfast! Take care and Merry Christmas! BTW, it's up to 12 degrees now!