Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Paintings by Beth Thomson #3

Moving on from my mom’s country primitives, this series of paintings are all oil based, either on boards or canvas. 

This is one of the earliest oil paintings that we have from my mother… She was still perfecting her skills and style.

This large painting of a mother and daughter with a cat is in a style reminiscent of her primitive paintings.

She really liked painting floral still life scenes and as you’ll see we have several of them.  This one hangs in our guest bedroom.

This is a self-portrait of my mom at a young age probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s.  She watches me as I write my posts for the blog site…

I’m guessing that she painted this portrait of Nathan Weed Jr., her brother, sometime around the time that she created her self-portrait.

This little still-life was painted on a block of wood and it’s in our kitchen dining area.

Mom always had cats!  I believe that this was a portrait of a big old all black tomcat that we had.  His name was Clinker…

This still-life portrays a view from one of her windows when she lived near Concord Michigan.

This still-life is a bit more impressionistic…less defined and more exaggerated forms.  We still have that table and the chairs too.

Another muted but colorful impressionistic still-life…

You never knew what she was going to do next with her paintings…or other art related efforts.  This floral painting just pops with vibrant colors!

Change of pace… This small painting featuring these bright colorful roosters in action is one of my favorite small paintings.

Now I will admit that I’m not really into most impressionistic paintings as they wander toward abstract.  The good news is that my son David and his wife Amy are fans of this style and they have many of mom's paintings of this style in their home.

This forest scene resides in David II’s home in Omaha.  It is one of my favorite impressionistic paintings…

This is a very large abstract painting…another phase that my mother went through during her life.  It occupies a prominent place in the family room at our son’s home.  It is an oil painting with debris such as twigs and small pebbles added to provide dimension.  It's one of our son's favorites.

This whimsical little painting is fun and cheery…with the children playing in the autumn leafs. 

This is another large abstract painting… I have no idea what it represents or means, but it is on display in the family home in Omaha. 

When she painted most of her abstract works, they tended to be large with lots of action… This one is signed ‘beth’.  She also used Elizabeth Thomson (my stepfather’s surname), as well as Sibbald (her mother’s maiden name) and Weed (my mother’s maiden name) to sign some of her works.

This large painting of a black man headed off to work is one of our all time favorites.  We feel that it’s very expressive…

That’s it for this edition of arts and crafts by my mom, Beth (Myers) Thomson.  The last posting of her works include multi-media creations ranging from carving to weaving and many others in between…

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Thanks for stopping by to check out part of our family art collection!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. how I said when I see the others : absolutely beautiful !

  2. I think this is good to have documentation of your mom's work here on your blog. Looks like she painted a wide variety.

  3. I know about much the tears and the all that agony about creating drawings and paintings, friend David, sometimes it takes more and more time ... I find me can not tolerate take out food ... 2 bad bcuz I LOOOVE Greek and Indian and Mexican ... and have 2 suffer greatly after enjoying ....
    Anyway Awesome pics, thanks for sharing as Ur a great friend Love, always, cat.

  4. Beautiful paintings, Dave! I love the colours and details! Thank you so much for sharing.