Tuesday, December 15, 2020

This Time, It’s Nothing but Food! (Almost)

Continuing with my food saga…in this case almost exclusively.

Are you a bit bored with your life at the moment?  We are.  Any little bit of excitement is a win!  Thanks to our son, we now have Zoom and that has at least allowed us to see our family…while being seen.  Other than that addition, our Covid-19 ‘groundhog days’ just roll on.

Here is a sign of the times in many households!  This is our pile of face masks with more of them on order… If your home doesn’t have a supply of these simple ‘spreader preventers’ on hand for use as needed, you are part of the current problem.  Just my opinion…

Now onto the titled topic…Food!

On one recent night, we decided to make tacos.  We used large flour tortillas and made large tacos using just seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce and cheese plus taco sauce and, in Laurie’s case, sour cream.  We decided not to include chopped tomatoes in the mix.

As usual, Laurie’s taco is much neater and more photogenic than mine.  She folds the end up and both sides folded in so it doesn’t leak any of the contents too…whereas I’m not that neat.

Then there was the most simple of meals.  In this case it was chicken soup and asiago cheese bakery bread.  Both the soup and the bread were purchased at Fresh Market.  The bread was the perfect match!  I thought the soup was good but Laurie gave it 2 thumbs up.

Of course, we also had leftover turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes to finish off.  So one night we both had reheated mashed potatoes with turkey heated up in the gravy slathered on top.  The second plate was the remaining reheated turkey and gravy…just poured onto my plate for final demolition!  It may not have been pretty but it was good...

I did retain some of the Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing for one final meal.  I cut up the turkey and heated it with the sage sausage stuffing in a frying pan with butter.  Butter does make everything better!

Once the turkey and stuffing were heated up and a little browned, I finished it off with a couple of easy over eggs!  It was a great breakfast…very satisfying in deed.

I’ll finish this post with more leftovers.  I know that this isn’t the most appetizing food photo I’ve ever posted. 

When we made the tacos, there was no way we could eat the full pound of seasoned ground beef.  First I placed strips of sharp cheddar cheese along the center of a large flour tortilla and zapped it in the microwave.  Then I took the leftover ‘taco meat’, added a little more hot taco sauce, heated the mixture and then scrambled it with a couple of eggs.  I ended up with a spicy 'quasi burrito', breakfast style.  It was a good way to start the day!

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. You made good use of your leftovers. The turkey, sausage and eggs looks really good. If I didn't do food post I'd have to shut down my blog.

  2. food always interesting and appealing during "boring" time...

    Love taco.... we cook frequently.... yummy.

  3. Love those fried eggs on top of the turkey and stuffing, Dave! Tacos look good too and I admire Laurie doing them up neatly, mine are a drippy mess. Bill would love the soup, and I'd love Fresh Market's asiago bread!
    Zoom and Face Time are wonderful things! We just chatted with our only grandchild, 9-year old grandson, in Arizona through it for over 40 minutes Sunday. Love it but wish there weren't so many miles between us as I'm sure you and Laurie do with your family.
    Thanks for sharing your food! 😉

  4. Homemade tacos sound like a great idea for dinner, Dave, but today we will have homemade beef stew as it's a SNOW day here in NH. And, yes we also have a pile of masks right by the door for easy pick-up when going out. Your collection is much more colorful than our own which is mostly white for myself and grey or black for Pat.