Friday, April 23, 2021

Actually Out and About!

Finally we were out and about with fewer health concerns!  We didn’t really do anything new but having had both jabs of our Covid-19 vaccine, a great deal of our health worries have been ameliorated.  It’s freedom…at least to a degree.

So we revisited a couple of places we last frequented in 2020.

One stop was at a fundraiser for The East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue in Loudon County Tennessee.  We both love horses and we are especially fond of donkeys!  This organization is totally funded by donations it’s operated by volunteers.  In addition to cash donations, they are glad to receive food for their equine wards and, as you can see they also offered items for sale to help raise money.

FYI, we did wear masks as a courtesy to others as did the volunteers…

This rescue operation is located on 6 acres with paddocks and shelters for the animals they’ve rescued.  Typically they have about 35 miniature horses on the property but they also foster some out to volunteers until new homes are found for them.   

I actually prefer the donkeys.  They are generally more curious and I think they’re smarter too.  Loved the goat in the bucket and that rooster is one handsome devil!  

The East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue is located at 6545 Calloway Road in Loudon Tennessee.  Note: Unless they’re having a fund raising event like this one, visits are by appointment only.  Phone: 865-266-3396. Their Website can be found at:

It had been more than a year since we visited The Burgers Restaurant in Lenoir City Tennessee.  Yes we wore masks when we entered the restaurant but we didn’t worry too much when our server wasn’t wearing one. 

It was really a pleasure actually sitting down for a meal in a restaurant.  It was a very rare event for us during the past year.  The Burgers’ dining room was fairly empty but we were eating dinner a bit early.

The restaurant has a large outdoor dining area and it was quite a bit busier than the dining room was.  Given the pollen season here in East Tennessee, indoors is our choice.  Otherwise Laurie’s allergies would be miserable.

Yes, we know that this isn’t a burger and that the restaurant is named “The Burgers”.  What can I say, we really do enjoy the burgers here but their Fish Basket ($15.00) really sounded great to both of us. 

We’re out of practice re: taking timely photos in restaurants.  I totally forgot to take a photo of our appetizer…one of Laurie’s favorites.  It was a basket of excellent Fried Pickle Slices. ($6.00) FYI, we also didn’t remember to take a picture of a Fried Fish Basket until after Laurie had eaten one of her 3 fish filets and some of the French fries… By that time, I’d already destroyed my basket of goodies.  The fish, fries and the coleslaw were all excellent!

The Burgers also offers chicken, hot dogs, sausages and pulled pork, either in a basket or sandwich format.  This restaurant is located at 540 Highway 321 N in Lenoir City Tennessee.  Phone: 865-816-6900.  Website: THE Burgers - Burgers in Knoxville, TN (

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Glad you are now able to live more normally. Other than some servers, masks were pretty absent from the restaurants we visited and social distancing is not practiced for seating. Easy to see why case numbers are going up.

  2. Finally a step further to normality! That's something to celebrate, Dave. Here we are still in lockdown, but I believe that situation can and must only get better.
    Those animals are super adorable. That fish basket meal looks terrific!

  3. I never seen "a goat in the bucket"...seem very small.
    sound nice place to visit.

    Have a great weekend

  4. Glad that you got out for drive and a bite to eat, friends David and Laurie! No normality here, on the contrary ... as Alberta is in almost full lock down again. Out door dining only, so carpenters and such are very busy building out door patios for our restaurants. Spring is slow this year, but I see peeps helping by visiting and being good patrons any way they can. Son Paul and daughter in law Leanne still have their work which is Heavy Duty Mechanic/ Massage Therapist respectively. Daughter Mary is slowly getting over her divorce. She works in Edmonton for WCB out of her new home. My husband and I are working around the yard on the farm. Burned down the old wood shed and chicken coup, which means much clean up afterwards. I still mourn our 3 old gigantic spruce trees, that had to be felt cuz they were leaning too much towards our houses. Much work work cleaning up after that. Paul and Leanne's Winter project was to build a basement suite in their house, which is almost done. Their next project will be to build a yurt on our South Quarter. ... work again ... smiles ... Sending love, cat.

  5. Looks like you and Laurie had a great outing, Dave. The donkeys were very sweet but the goat in the bucket was so cute. The fish basket looked like something we would order over a burger. We often forget to take a photo until the meal is done!

  6. Woo hoo! Getting back to normal! It looks like you had a great time, good food, and watching the donkeys. They're all cute! We're hoping to eat out soon, looking forward to breakfast in a restaurant! Take care