Thursday, July 15, 2021

A New Bakery – Truly out in the Country!

Laurie spotted a post on our ‘Nextdoor’ neighborhood website, (ie. Local Facebook), that was all about a new bakery in nearby Sweetwater Tennessee.  Since bakeries are a weakness, we couldn’t resist checking it out…and boy did we ‘check out’ when we were there!  

This is the setting for Grain Bin Commodities!  It is a very pretty area and the bakery is really out there in the countryside.

This is the front of the store on Holt Road…located west of I-75.  This is a family operation for sure…and a labor of love too.  Callie Brackett and her family own and operate the bakery as well as an adjoining dairy farm.

Love those repurposed bins!  Check out all the goodies in the display case… The bakery’s theme is “Baked goods made with love”.

This is definitely a busy bakery.  Four ladies were busy creating goodies for their customers.

Not everything is about baked goods.  An assortment of farm house style gift items are offered for the discerning shopper.

…and there was this display of goodies to go.  We ‘limited ourselves’ to ‘only’ 3 items, the candied pecans, southern pecan bread and the Fire Crackers.  Those spiced up crackers are downright addictive!

Before we finished shopping in the bakery, we took the opportunity to explore the family barn that’s right next door. 

As you can see from the photos, that barn is full of antiques, collectables, architectural items and home décor.  I was drawn to those arched windows in the second photo but fortunately, we don’t have any place where could use them…

The complete offerings by Grain Bin Commodities were still being developed during our visit.  A new patio next to the bakery will be complemented by that pizza oven when it’s completed.

Yes…we did buy ‘just a few’ of the cookies that were on display in that big display case!  Nice variety of good cookies and ‘cake pops’.  When we got home we decided to share them with our neighbors rather than completely pig out on our own…

When we got home from Grain Bin Commodities, we arranged our purchases for this ‘group’ photo.  I think that perhaps we lost a bit of self-control!  In addition to fore mentioned cookies, crackers, nuts, etc. we added a couple loaves of bread and a bag of caramel corn.  Yikes!

Grain Bin Commodities is located at 5215 Holt Road in Sweetwater Tennessee.  Phone: 865-599-9001.  The website for this growing local business is at  

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave   


  1. I can tell that all those goodies are handmade and so fresh! I wouldn't blame you having lost a bit of I could be worse :-))

  2. What an interesting find. I looked on Google Earth and they are definitely in the country. Might be a good example of "If you build it, they will come."

  3. How great to find a new bakery to add to a list of "places to return to" when driving in that direction. I'm glad you got a lot of goodies, you can rationalize that that made it worth the gas to get there!