Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remember When?

Here's a rarity these days... First of all, Hoskins is a fully functioning independent pharmacy and secondly, it still operates an authentic soda fountain!

Hoskin's Pharmacy was founded in 1930 and the third generation of the Hoskins clan is still running the operation. The 80th anniversary was celebrated in April of this year...

At one point, Hoskins Drug Stores operated 8 locations in East Tennessee. Three locations are still in operation, two of them with soda fountains. This location was opened in 1947 and it's at 111 North Main Street in Clinton, TN... This is a great destination as it's not far from a street lined with some quality antique shops.

The second location with a functioning soda fountain is in Norris, TN.

The Hoskins Drug Store with it's Soda Fountain & Restaurant is listed on the Roadfood website. It's all about basic comfort food. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, Burgers and daily Hot Plate Specials. Breakfast and lunch are served.

At lunch time, the folks from the Anderson County courthouse fill the booths and line the counter space. Note: If you want a Burger, the grill closes at 1:30 pm.

The pharmacy can be seen in the back of the store. A wide variety of merchandise and gift items are stocked.

The Hoskins Pharmacy & Restaurant is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places as well as in the Tennessee Registry. Phone: 865-457-4340. Website:

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