Monday, September 29, 2014

Bar-B-Q in Blue Springs Missouri

Following the quickest route for our drive from St. Louis Missouri to Omaha Nebraska, we passed through the outskirts of Kansas City Missouri.  Having lived in St. Louis and having worked for both Venture Stores and Montgomery Ward, I’ve been to the Kansas City market many times.  Laurie and I actually honeymooned here...many, many years ago!

In any case, if you are in the KC area, a Bar-B-Q break is a must!  There is nothing like Kansas City Bar-B-Q!   With some exceptions, we prefer it over what is offered in other markets across the country…

Since it was time for lunch, as we approached Kansas City, I looked around for a Bar-B-Q opportunity that wouldn’t require any major deviation from our route.  Then I remembered Zarda’s Bar-B-Q in Blue Springs Missouri.  I’d never eaten here before.
T.J, an associate/friend from Venture Stores and I had eaten right across from Zarda’s a couple of times back in the mid to late 1970’s.  That restaurant was called Bert’s Bar-B-Q and it’s long gone.  The encouraging thing was that Zarda’s is still in business!

Zarda’s Bar-B-Q is a spacious restaurant…and they’ve been in business since 1976.  In addition to the Blue Springs location, they also have another restaurant over in Lenexa Kansas.

At Zarda’s, you order at the counter and they call you when your food is ready.  We had a hard time figuring what to order and a very helpful employee guided us to our choices.  The staff at Zarda’s was very pleasant and friendly.

Laurie ordered the Rib Plate.  Her ribs came with those pickle spears, white bread to sop up the sauce and 2 sides. ($13.99) She chose the baked beans and potato salad for her sides.  The ribs were very good and she enjoyed the beans and potato salad as well!

Note: We both appreciated the fact that our meals were served on real plates…and not paper or cardboard facsimiles! 

Since we had quite a bit of driving left before we got to Omaha and carbs tend to put me to sleep while driving, I just ordered a pound of Burnt Ends. ($15.50) I thought that they were a little pricy but they looked good on the plate.  However, I guess that I’m a bit out of touch.  Back in the day, burnt ends consisted of burnt ends…i.e. bits of meat mixed in with grizzle, pieces of meat on bits of bone, etc.  You had to ‘work’ to eat and enjoy your meal.  Zarda’s burnt ends consisted of little chunks of Bar-B-Q ham and beef…all meat.  My meal was OK but in my opinion, some character and flavor was lacking when compared to the BBQ pork burnt ends of my memory.

Note: I thought that Zarda’s Bold and Spicy Barbeque Sauce was very good!

We would stop at Zarda’s Bar-B-Q again.  I would just stick with the ribs or perhaps I’d try the brisket.  Zarda’s Bar-B-Q is located just a little south of I-70 at 214 North Missouri Highway 7 in Blue Springs.  Phone: 816-229-9999.  Website:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a little Bar-B-Q!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Glad you had a good experience - that red sauce looks right up your alley

  2. Dear Dave, I do agree the burnt ends were pricey; especially since they did not come with a side. Laurie's meal looks like it was worth it though. Blessings, Catherine

  3. aw David we LOVE barbaque all look amazing!!

  4. BDD, BBQ is great but I agree with you, just by the looks of the burnt ends. I've never been to KC, but the ribs there sound great. Have a good week!

  5. I've never even heard of "Burnt Ends" ---but your definition sounds more like what they should be than the ones you were served...What you had was "Bite-Sized-BBQ" ha ha


  6. It's fun to taste the different BBQ's and see their differences. I agree, real plates make a difference.