Friday, September 26, 2014

Family Moved - Cleveland OH to Omaha NE!

This is a big change!  Our son David II, his wife Amy and our 2 grandsons, David III and Emmett Lee moved from the eastern suburbs of Cleveland Ohio to the west side of Omaha Nebraska!  What was previously a 10.5 hour drive is now a 14.5 – 15 hour drive for us…

The good news is that the move was for a better career opportunity for Amy.  Also, as I mentioned in a previous posting, Laurie’s family is in St. Louis Missouri, just a little over halfway to Omaha on the fastest driving route.

This is a sun-glare impacted photo of their new home in Omaha.  For the first time since the boys have been old enough for it to matter, they are in a neighborhood with sidewalks and with homes close by… In addition, just about any convenience, store or restaurant they might want or need is within a couple of miles from their home.  This is a big change/improvement from their previous location in Ohio.

One big selling point for this home…especially for the boys…was the swimming pool!  The view isn’t too bad either.  That’s a neighborhood soccer field behind the house and both boys love soccer and are on teams!

The family is still unpacking…as they moved into the house just a couple of weeks before we arrived to visit.  Their new kitchen is well laid out with a good island to work on, a counter with bar stools and lots of storage space.
We assisted with the unpacking a bit… Laurie organized several of the kitchen cabinets and I unpacked several boxes of books and put them on shelves.

David II has been completely occupied with the job of settling the family into their home. (Painting, contractors, unpacking, utilities, etc...all of that fun stuff that comes with a family move) Then will come a search for a position with an Omaha law firm... 

This is a photo of one end of their new family room.  The challenge is to find just where to hang all of their art work!  Most of the paintings in this photo were painted by David II’s grandmother Elizabeth and his uncle Bob…my mother and brother.  These are just part of the total number of paintings and drawings that need to be hung.

Did I mention that David II called us when we were about 4 hours away from arrival at their new home?  He told us that there was a ‘little’ problem.  Their HVAC unit had “died” and they didn’t have Internet service either!

This is the gazebo on their deck at the back of the house.  We spent a bit of time relaxing there, glasses of wine in hand!

As for the HVAC problem…based on the age of the equipment, David II had purchased a warranty on the unit when they bought the house.  After some back and forth with the insurance company, a new HVAC unit was installed about a week after our visit.

For an electronically based modern family, no Internet Service was almost as traumatic as the defunct air conditioning unit!  Fortunately, service was back up and running within a couple of days after we arrived… This is Emmett Lee’s home computer station.  Note the Chicago Bears mug on the desk!

This is David III’s computer station… He’s all about gaming and he may even use his computer for homework as well!  In addition to the 4 family computer stations, David II set up a table and a laptop computer for my use during our visit so I could keep up with my blog site.

The family room in the lower level isn’t set up in its final configuration yet but that didn’t stop Emmett and David III from competing is a hot NFL electronic football game!  Emmett is truly into football…and he knows more about the players than most adult football fans.

Amy and David III had to go down to Kansas City for a soccer tournament… David II had to stay home to wait for the Internet provider to make a service call.  So Laurie and I took Emmett Lee over to Lincoln Nebraska for a soccer match.  As you can see from this photo, there was some doubt that we’d actually get the game in.

However, after a 30 minute delay for a little thunder and lightning and some light showers to pass, we got to watch Emmett play soccer.  He is really fast and focused when he plays!

It was the end of the Labor Day weekend and it was time to watch a movie.  The family has a blow-up screen and a projector with a sound system.  While the boys were in the pool, we watched a Superman movie!

Here we are with our grandsons…David III (13), Nana (Laurie), Emmett Lee (10), and Papa (yours truly) The boys are posing in their soccer uniforms… We have terrific grandsons!  It was a great visit and it was really nice seeing the family’s new home! 

Just click on any of the photos in order to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Looks like a fine new home for them and glad you had a fun visit. that blow up movie theater is something I'd never heard of.

  2. Wow---what a fantastic home... Those kids of yours have done really great financially in order to have a place like that... AMAZING... I've never even heard of a blow-up screen to watch TV while in the pool or while outside. WOW--what a life... Hope they enjoy their new home.. Sounds like they are off to a great start... Thanks for sharing. What handsome grandsons!!!!


  3. What a beautiful place and beautiful house! Fantastic pictures David! Love the one with the grandsons, you and your wife. I cannot imagine driving for 14-15 hours, must be so exhausting! It's like driving from here to Rome, it takes exactly that many hours.

  4. What a beautiful home, Dave! Wow...such a beautiful view and nice open space. I feel bad it's such a drive for your and Laurie but happy that your grandkids have a beautiful place to call home :)

    Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  5. Looks like a great home for an active family and I know the boys will love the pool. I especially like the photo of you and Laurie and your grandsons. It is a rather long drive, but being with your family is so worth it.

  6. Beautiful dear! And you have a lovely family! I love the last picture!!!

  7. After such a long drive you finally got an awesome home to have!! I m feeling very happy for you and also like your pics.

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