Friday, November 20, 2015

Breakfast in Clearwater Florida (#1)

During our September trip to Florida, we went out for breakfast in Clearwater a couple of times.  Breakfast is our favorite meal!

This is the Wildflower Café… It has some fine curb appeal!

As per my research on Trip Advisor prior to our trip, the Excellent/Very Good vs. Poor/Terrible reviews were 195:4.  The ratio of positive to negative feedback doesn’t get much better than that!  

The interior of Wildflower Café was light and airy despite the cloudy weather outside… Tables were well spaced and despite the fact that we were eating a late breakfast, business was brisk.

This bakery display case sort of set the tone for the Wildflower Café.  It’s not your standard breakfast place.  I’m kind of a ‘cookie guy’ so it was a good thing that I was there for breakfast!  I would have had to have a Key Lime Cooler or a Dried Cranberry Oatmeal Pecan.  Laurie would have probably opted for the Black Dog Ginger or the Chocolate Crinkle…

As an appetizer, I did decide to go for a strawberry laden scone ($3.25) with my coffee. ($2.25) While it wasn’t like the scones we’re used to…with the fruit on the inside and a crisper crust, it was very nice.

Dawn had the Wildflower Triple…scrambled eggs with bacon, cheesy grits and these little Belgian Waffles. ($9.00)  I think that she was expecting a larger waffle but they were tasty.  The grits were OK if not great…

Laurie ordered a side of bacon to accompany her French Toast… Bacon is definitely her favorite type of meat! ($3.95) She said that it was very good…

This was Laurie’s Wildflower Baked French Toast. ($8.50) She was stunned as it was huge!  It was served with their brown sugar syrup, toasted pecans, strawberry slices and fresh whipped cream.  It was very good…decadent even!  It really was more like bread pudding than French Toast...  

‘Unfortunately’ she couldn’t finish this platter of sweetness and I ‘had to’ help her out.  I even got a piece of bacon with it!

I’d ordered the Cheesy Grits and Scrambled Eggs. ($6.95) My breakfast came with bacon (or sausage) and a buttermilk biscuit with Wildflower honey-butter.  I prefer my eggs over easy and most grits are just OK for me.

This is a good place for an attractive breakfast that isn’t ‘the usual’ in a nice setting.  If you’re looking for fried eggs over-easy with sausage, hash browns and toast…or pancakes and sausage, you won’t find those choices here.  However, we did enjoy the change of pace!

Wildflower Café is located at 1465 South Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater Florida.  Phone: 727-447-4497.  Website:

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  1. What a great breakfast spread! It's my fave meal too. And it all looks delicious, but esp. yours with the bacon, eggs, and grits; that would be my choice for sure! Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. I believe I could have gone for either yours or Dawns meals, but they all look good.