Friday, November 27, 2015

The Lucky Dill Deli Revisited!

It had been awhile since we visited the Tampa/St. Petersburg Metropolitan area… There was one dining establishment in particular that we wanted to make sure that we revisited during our trip this past September!

This is the Lucky Dill Deli and the Brooklyn Bakery in Palm Harbor Florida.  We had dined here with friends back in 2012 and it had been a very memorable ‘deli’ experience!  This was the best deli I’d eaten in outside of New York or Chicago…

To view my earlier blog posting and to view photos of what the four of us had ordered and greatly enjoyed, you can go to

It was great to be back!  The only problem was that because of our schedule we were there for breakfast…no hot pastrami or other deli sandwiches on this occasion.  Sad…

We had to wait a bit before we could get a table.  The problem with waiting is that the bakery and deli cases are right there in plain view!  Such sweet torture!  What a huge selection of goodies… (Click to enlarge!)

Our waitress started us out with a complementary basket containing a selection of baked goods…and we ate about half of them before remembering to take a picture!  Now for breakfast…

I ordered the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with a side of home fried potatoes. ($11.99) This offering is layered with wilted spinach and red onion and topped with capers. (I left off the onions) While it wasn’t a Lucky Dill Deli hot pastrami, it was a great Eggs Benedict variation!  Very satisfying indeed…

Dawn Marie ordered the Cinnamon Bun French Toast served with citrus butter and maple syrup. ($8.99) She also ordered a side of Bacon. ($1.99) She thought that her breakfast was pretty good but she was hoping for more of a cinnamon bun impact.  This cinnamon bread version was a bit tame for her sweet tooth.

Laurie ordered the standard Eggs Benedict version. ($8.99) The Hollandaise Sauce was just right and she really enjoyed her breakfast… As you can see, her side of home fried potatoes included a couple pieces of grilled asparagus, which was a nice touch. 

Well…to summarize…we had very nice breakfast at the Lucky Dill Deli.  Prices are reasonable considering what we ordered although coffee at $2.75 per person seemed a little high.  We still wish that it had been lunch time when we passed by on our way north!

The Lucky Dill Deli is located at 33180 US Hwy. 19 North in Palm Harbor Florida.  Phone: 727-789-5574.  Website:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for breakfast!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. I know I would have enjoyed breakfast there.

  2. I have been away from reading blogs for a while but am trying to catch up. I went through all your past posts – I am pleased that I ate a large plate of Thanksgiving leftovers or I would be starved by now looking at all the good dishes you have shown in your posts. We also spent about a week in North Carolina during the fall colors. I was going to have a post on it then the tragic events in Paris happened.
    About 8 ½ years ago (because my eldest grandson was a baby then and yesterday we celebrated his 9th birthday) we spent a week near Tampa and went to the Big Cat Rescue – I don’t’ remember it being that expensive to tour. We are still on their mail list and get their newspaper – it’s a great non-profit organization.
    We are not traveling as much this year – as my husband’s Alzheimer is not getting any better, and it takes a lot of my time and energy. I enjoyed looking at all the historic buildings you showed. Thanks for coming to my blog.