Friday, March 24, 2017

Chinese Food – The Golden Wok

Given the fact that we’ve only found one or two decent Chinese restaurants in the Knoxville area, we were encouraged when we learned that a new Chinese dining opportunity awaited us!

This is the Golden Wok in Knoxville.  Given the obvious small size of this restaurant, I was worried about our experience.  Was the Golden Wok a take-out joint or a ‘real’ sit down restaurant?  Checking this restaurant’s website revealed that they refer to themselves as a “causal (should be casual) dining Chinese Restaurant”.  In any case, we were there for an early dinner after running errands in Knoxville.

Upon entering the Golden Wok, we noted that there were a few tables and booths for those who wished to “dine in…”  There are menus on the counter as well as the lighted menu boards above the kitchen door.
As with most Chinese restaurants, the menu is quite extensive.  There are no less than 31 Lunch Specials listed.  Counting Fried Rice, Chow Mein, Lo Mein, Mei Fun, Poultry, Roast Pork, Beef, Seafood, Vegetable, Egg Foo Young, Sweet and Sour, Moo Shu, Combination Platters, Chef’s Specials and the Diet Specials, there are about 140 different items to choose from on the regular menu!

We started out with our usual…a small Hot and Sour Soup. ($2.00) While it wasn’t as spicy as we like, it was pretty good and the portion was huge especially given the price!  Note that it was served in a plastic container with lid…

Laurie ordered the Szechuan Beef. ($7.95) As with our soup, the portion was huge!  As it was served in a plastic to go type container, it was difficult to eat at the table.  A plate…even a throw away plastic plate would have been preferable.  The flimsy plastic ‘silverware’ was inadequate for the task too.  That said, Laurie thought that her dinner was pretty darn good and she really liked the pork fried rice that accompanied the beef and vegetables.   

I ordered the Orange Chicken…fried breaded white meat chicken in a spicy orange brown sauce with broccoli. ($9.95) Again the portion was huge!  The quality was better than average for East Tennessee and the chef actually delivered the spicy heat that I requested!  He did the same with Laurie’s dinner…

I almost forgot the fact that Laurie’s meal also came with a decent Egg Roll.  Laurie thought that it was pretty good…

Given the quantity of food neither of us was able to finish our meals and we ended up taking leftovers home for a future lunch.  The young man who took our order also prepared our meals.  They do bring the food to your table when it’s ready.

While we’re still hoping for another above average actual ‘sit down’ Chinese Restaurant to open in the area, we both agreed that the Golden Wok provided huge quantities of above average food at bargain prices.  There is no doubt that the Golden Wok is a superior take out restaurant…  They are located at 9253 Kingston Pike (US Hwy. 11) in Knoxville Tennessee.  Phone: 865-539-9201.  Their website can be found at:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for an early dinner!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  1. The Spring roll looks very nice, Dave, and the dishes look very tasty. The portions are large, perfect for keeping some leftovers for a next meal. I like the ambiance and the fact that there are both tables and booths.