Wednesday, April 26, 2017

J.D. – RIP

J.D., the cat who ruled our house since June 2012, who ‘bossed us around’ and who provided us with endless entertainment, passed on at about Noon on Monday, April 24, 2017.  We believe that cancer and renal failure caused his demise…

J.D. posed for this regal photo earlier this month… He gave no sign of illness until about a week before he passed.

We’ve had cats for most of our married life.  In August 2010, our previous rescue cat Buddy, had to be put to sleep.  Being retired, we thought it would be a bit easier for us to not have a pet to worry about.  So we didn’t even think about looking for another cat for more than a year.  However, in 2011, Laurie really started to miss not having a cat around.  We love cats and if you’re a cat lover, you know what I’m talking about.  So we went online to check out various cat adoption sites…looking for a shorthaired cat as they’re easier on Laurie’s allergies.  The first two she called about had just been adopted.  We went to see another but she was very shy and she was just not a lap sitter.  

Then we found JD… He came to his foster home as a very sick boy.  His condition was a 1 or 2 based on a scale of 10.  His foster mom cared for him for 7 months!  JD originally came from a home where he had been an indoor cat.  The couple decided to have a baby and after the baby came, they “kicked JD outdoors”.  JD has no front claws and he was on his own!  He couldn’t defend himself from the neighborhood cats that were eating all his food.  He was being starved to death and beaten right in front of his owners’ eyes.  Fortunately a relative came to visit and she saw the terrible condition JD was in!  She called the ASPCA and he was rescued.

J.D. basking in the sunshine… On hot days, he pretty much lived on the screened porch until after dark but on cool or cold days, he had his choice of over a dozen nap sites or favorite places to sleep scattered around the house.

When we met him, we fell in love with “Mr. Pickles”, (his previous name), right away!!  He was very affectionate and he jumped right into our laps!  We could tell that he loved being petted and despite his previous life, he loved people!   We adopted him right then…and then renamed him JD in honor of our son’s recent law degree.  When we brought him home, he spent an hour exploring the house.  Then he took a nap.  Since then, he’s made it clear that it’s really his house…he permits us to live with him and take care of him!

It was apparent that JD had some Siamese in him…given the wedge shape of his head, the tone of his voice and his constant ‘talking’!  JD had a few entertaining quirks!  When he pooped in his litter box he raced from his room, (Yes, he had his own room!), into the kitchen and through the family room, slipping and sliding on the wood floors… At times he would lose traction on the wood floor and crash into the wall or door frame!  He would then run into our bedroom and dive under the bed.  Then he’d dash out from under the bed and take a spin around the master bath.  Then he would fly out of there and bolt up the stairs and down the hallway.  He would end this process with a chorus of triumphant meows!  He startled us almost every time…but we laughed every time too!

J.D. loved sunshine!  Laurie called him her ‘sunshine baby’!  He followed the sunshine throughout the house, moving from the screened porch to a sunny window, to the sun on the stairs and, as you can see, he’d even take advantage of a sunny spot in the middle of the room.  His fur would actually get so hot we don’t know how he could stand it! 

JD had a couple of methods to ensure that we do what he wants us to do… He loved to sit in Laurie’s lap but he liked the white fake fur throw to be on her lap before he’d lie down.  So he’d jump up beside Laurie on the couch and stare at her.  If she took too long to put the throw on her lap he’d meow and meow.  Then, if Laurie hadn’t moved the throw, he’d tap her arm or hand with his paw, meow and look at the throw once again.  He’d also tap your hand or leg to get you to pet him.  He wouldn’t stop till you did what he wanted.  It was a bit tiresome when you were on the computer or cell phone trying to get something accomplished… but hey, it was all about JD!  He was very focused and persistent.  One time JD stared at me and meowed at me until I got up to see what he wanted.  JD immediately jumped up on my chair and went to sleep!

JD at rest in a sliver of sunshine on the bay window bench cushion in the dining room…

JD’s most interesting quirk was his “bedtime routine” which involved ‘his’ room.  Starting at about 11:00 pm, he’d lie on his back with his paws in the air just inside our bedroom door.  He’d stare at us in the family room while we watched the news.  When it got close to 11:15 pm, he’d start pacing back and forth in front of us and meowing.  He’d do this for a while and if that didn’t work he’d just start crying till we gave in.  It would have been nice to see the weather forecast without interference, but as I said before, it was all about JD!
He also had a pre-lights out routine in his room!  He would get a few treats, his coat is brushed till it shines and then it was playtime with his favorite toys.  As he got older, Laurie would also give him a full body massage.  Then he would be ready for bed!  He loved his room with its choice of beds and a cat tree and he’d stay in there for as long as we wanted…or until he saw us in the morning.  When he saw our bedroom door open, he would start crying till we opened his door and then the routine would start all over again!  We wouldn’t have had it any other way!

RIP J.D.!  May you bask in the sunshine, catch lots of mice and lizards and roll in heaps of catnip to your sweet little hearts content!

Take Care, Laurie and Big Daddy Dave 


  1. So sorry for your loss, Dave and Laurie! You certainly took great care of JD and made him a happy cat. Very funny with all his little quirks and routines. And esp. when he got you to move out of your chair, Dave! Our Minnie does that to Bill. And JD's the first cat I've heard of that has his own room, he hit the jackpot with you guys as his family!
    We've always had cats, and have a ton of cat stories. Take care

  2. Dave, I am an absolute cat lover and totally understand and empathize with your loss. JD was a gorgeous cat, and thank goodness he was adopted by you and Laurie...and obviously very loved and well cared for. He was a gorgeous cat, and I am so glad that he had a loving home to spend the rest of his life in. I have had cats all my life. I have a four year old black and white, green eyed, neutered male cat named Romeo. He, like all the other cats I have had, brings me much joy and I love his company.

    I am so sorry for your loss. This is such a gorgeous tribute to a cat who you both loved. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. So sorry for your loss dear David, I understand a lot. When we live with pets are like our own family.
    The last year we lost two dogs and was hard. Now we have two again Chica and Wolfie they are still little but always Im worry by them.
    Send for you and Laurie hugs and love .xoxox

  4. Dear Dave and Laurie, My heart breaks for you both on the loss of JD. These little angels certainly hold a special spot in our hearts. Catherine