Friday, December 29, 2017

The Brass Rail Restaurant – O'Fallon Missouri

Continuing with our family visits over the week of Thanksgiving…
Whenever we visit St. Louis, we always have some kind of gathering with various members of Laurie’s family.

In this instance, two of Laurie and her sister’s closest cousins were in town on business and we decided to meet up with them for dinner at the Brass Rail Restaurant in O’Fallon Missouri.

The Brass Rail is a very large restaurant.  However, I was so wrapped up in the family visit that I didn’t take any photos showing off the restaurant.  This photo of the bar area and the nighttime picture of the restaurant were both borrowed from the Internet…

One interesting difference from most restaurants is the fact that The Brass Rail also features The Prime Steak Market, which is located just to the left of the entrance to the restaurant.  With a butcher on site daily, this meat market specializes in hand cut aged beef…and the prices definitely reflect the quality of the beef!

I took this photo of our little family group… From the left, my better half, Laurie, then her sister Bonnie, Bonnie’s husband Bill, then Bob and his wife Karole, another of the sisters.  Karole is sitting next to cousins Carla and Royce, who are a brother and sister pair from Wisconsin and who were the reason for this special family gathering. 

Onto the food!  This is the Brass Rail’s Crab Dip, served with a fresh baked baguette and crackers. ($12.00) It was tasty…but we have had better.

This was my favorite appetizer...and I ate way too much of it!  This is the Blue Cheese Chips…sea salt chips drizzled in a warm house made bleu cheese sauce accompanied by bacon and blue cheese crumbles. ($11.00) Normally this appetizer also has a scattering of chives over the top but I had them leave it off because I’m not a chive fan.

I ordered the 14 oz. New York Strip topped with a blue cheese crust and accompanied by a side of steamed broccoli for my dinner. ($25.00 for the steak and $2.00 for the blue cheese crust)

The steak had decent flavor but it was tougher than I expected.  I don’t think that the blue cheese was actually a ‘crust’ although the portion of cheese scattered over my steak was generous.  Finally, my steamed broccoli was cold…

Laurie loves lobster so it was no surprise that she ordered the Lobster Tail Dinner…two grilled cold water lobster tails with butter for dipping. ($30.00) She did enjoy her lobster tails but in my mind, they needed to be plated with some kind of garnish to increase their eye appeal. 

For one of her sides, she had ordered a very satisfactory Caesar Salad… Unfortunately, she also ordered the Brass Rail’s sea salt potato chips, and the order was huge.  It was 'unfortunate' because I ‘helped’ her consume them!

Moving on around the table in no particular order… This was Bill’s BBQ Dinner, a half rack of baby back ribs and 4 smoked chicken wings served with a side of slaw. ($20.00) He definitely enjoyed his dinner.

Bonnie went for something a bit lighter, the Grilled Steak Toss… This included grilled prime sirloin, red peppers, red onions, mushrooms, asparagus, green onion, garlic and spinach all tossed as a ‘pasta’. ($17.00) It was a healthy meal and she liked it too.

I believe that this is the House Made Steakloaf… ($15.00) This house specialty contains “a little bit of everything”.  It’s served over mashed potatoes with house made mushroom gravy and then topped with crispy Tabasco onion straws.

This is the small cut of the Brass Rail’s USDA Prime Sirloin Steak. ($15.00) This cut is a good option for those with a smaller appetite who want a piece of steak.  It was accompanied by a side of loaded mashed potatoes with bacon, cheddar cheese and sour cream…

Carla ordered the Grilled Shrimp dinner…jumbo gulf shrimp skewered and grilled then served over rice with 2 sides. ($20.00) Both Carla and Royce had eaten at the Brass Rail previously so they ordered what they knew that they liked…

Royce really went for a healthy dinner.  This was his Grilled Salmon entrée…sushi grade salmon, flown in fresh, cut in house and then grilled. ($20.00) As you can see, it’s served over rice and it was accompanied by the steamed broccoli.

We had a great time exchanging stories, reliving family experiences and just enjoying each other’s company.  It was really nice visiting with Carla and Royce.  Laurie, Bonnie and Karole promised them a visit to Wisconsin this coming summer so they can catch up with all of their northern cousins…

As for the Brass Rail, it served our purpose well.  The service and food was adequate but not really special.  If we were in the area, we would probably do a little on-line exploration looking for other dining options but we wouldn’t rule out the Brass Rail.  This restaurant is open 7 days a week and it’s located at 4601 Highway K in O’Fallon Missouri.  Phone: 636-329-1329.  Website:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. At least you had a good time - it seems increasingly difficult to get special food. We've been to three places here in Navarre with one very good and two just adequate.

  2. Good food and good conversation in always the way to go, friend Dave ... just returned from a lil island hopping into the Southern Caribbean islands of St Thomas, St Kitts, St Lucia, Antigua and Puerto Rico ... then meeting "kids" Paul and Leanne and cat Benny in Fort Lauderdale ... We never went out eating, just prepared good food in their itty bitty van kitchen area ... will post soon in my travel blog for you to see ... Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year ... Love, cat.

  3. Sounds like you had a good visit! Happy New Year, Dave!