Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs!

I love breakfast and something with eggs is my preference, although I will go for a bit of variety between my usual early mornings ‘protein’.  Monday morning for example, Laurie made us some corn bread.  Add butter and/or jam and we’re happy folks.  Usually, she just goes for her yogurt and granola mix.

However, this post is all about the following ‘egg-centric’ breakfasts.    

We had some leftover baked potatoes so for this morning's repast, I sliced up and fried the potatoes in butter. (No seasoning needed as they’d been rubbed with Costco’s Steak Seasoning before baking.  Fry up a bit of Jimmy Dean’s Hot (Spicy) Sausage, add 2 over-easy eggs and toast with Amish butter and it was a great breakfast.

Love the Jimmy Dean sausage/breakfast products ads, the one’s that start with “Hi, I’m Jimmy Dean and I wish I could tell you…” I’ll bet he would like to be able to ‘tell us’ but he passed on in 2010.  The Sara Lee Corporation had bought Jimmy Dean’s company in 1984 and had dropped him from their ad campaigns in 2004, allegedly because he was ‘too old’.  Curiously, in 2018, Sara Lee started re-airing some of his old ads…must be working as they’ve continued using his voice or someone whose voice resembles him in current ad campaigns.  

I am famous…at least in my mind and in Laurie’s opinion…for my moist and cheesy scrambled eggs.  I use 3 – 4 eggs, lots of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, slivered Manchego cheese, some cream cheese and then a little half and half milk.  I add pepper to the mix and then I cook it slowly in a frying pan, making sure that it stays moist.

I did screw up on Mother’s Day though… I decided that I’d ‘up my game’ and I added a heaping tablespoon of Boursin cheese with garlic in it.  Laurie was not happy!  I liked it but Laurie gave me 5 demerits for the finished product!  She asked me "Why would you change what I asked for!?"  Bad David! 

So…Laurie loves to eat her scrambled cheese eggs on buttered toast or an English muffin.  Her juice with two half slices of toast or two halves of an English muffin…and that’s it.

During the same meal as shown above with Laurie’s cheese eggs on toast, I added some leftover fried chicken slices that I’d re-fried in butter to heat them up.  Excellent! (FYI, the reddish spots on the chicken are drops of Tabasco)

A couple of posts ago I’d included a breakfast using Hormel’s sausage crumbles. (Very bland flavored) Well, one day last week I discovered that I had some left in the bag.  I also realized that I had one more small baked potato that needed my ‘attention’.  Fry them together with a bit of spice, add two easy over eggs and my day was off to a terrific start.  

FYI, Laurie and I both agree that one or two of her leftover baked potatoes, originally oiled and coated with Costco's Steak Seasoning, make the very best fried breakfast potatoes ever!

As the pandemic continues, now and then we do look for a bit of breakfast (actually meal) variety.  Laurie decided that she’d put together a quiche one morning!  We used Egg Beater, a bit of spinach, Jimmy Dean spicy sausage, mozzarella cheese plus half and half milk and the spices called for in the recipe she followed.  This was what it looked like when it was ready to go into the oven.   

Here is the finished product!  Looking good…firmed up with the sausage on top browning up just a bit.

This was Laurie’s plate with the quiche.  It was firm enough and moist enough.  We both thought that it was pretty darn good for a first attempt.  In the future, she said that she’d add more spinach and change out the spices called for to better fit our tastes.  Very filling and none of it went to waste!

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  1. Your fine looking breakfast meals made my mouth water. The quiche looks chocked full of goodies.

  2. Look delicious ad tell Laurie I love quiches, this looks awesome, hugs and take care David

  3. Being a total Keto cat, I totally approve of eggs as a source of protein:)Much love, cat.