Friday, January 21, 2022

The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Kentucky (2)

After driving to Berea and coming up empty as regard shopping, driving back roads to Pleasant Hill, and wandering through some of the 34 Shaker buildings that have survived over the years…it was time for lunch!

So, we headed over to the “Trustees’ Office, a substantial brick structure that was built in 1839.  Back in the day, it housed the legal and financial leaders of the Shaker community and it also provided overnight accommodations for visitors. 

One of the most notable features of the Trustees’ Office building are the twin spiral staircases designed by Micajah Burnett, the youth who settled here with his parents when he was only 17.  He obviously had some serious skills when it came to construction!

Like all of the surviving structures in the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, this one was impressive… But the most important feature for us at the time was that the Trustees’ Office is home the Village’s Restaurant, ‘The Trustee’s Table’.  This is one of the dining areas.

Laurie took this photo of her brother-in-law Bill, his wife/Laurie’s sister, Bonnie, as well as yours truly.  FYI, The Trustees’ Table serves lunch from 11:30 AM until 3 PM.  The menu changes seasonally...

The soup of the day was split pea with ham.  I don’t remember who had what, but we ordered a cup and a bowl…and I was able to taste the soup.  We all agreed that it was very good and it so satisfying that it was a meal all by itself!

This was the Apple Salad with added chicken.  The salad was very fresh as the restaurant uses local produce and other ingredients in their offerings.

This was Bill’s Catfish Dinner.  It looked good and it was… Bill really enjoyed his meal!

As for myself, I had the Fried Chicken with gravy over a stack of mashed potatoes.  It was very nice indeed…and Laurie had my Tabasco in her purse too so I was happy!  

We’d never heard of Lemon Pie…at least not like this old time version.  We all tasted it and liked it.  It was a very interesting dessert and it was something unusual from our perspective.

I have never been able to pass up Bread Pudding and this was no exception!  However, this version was too hard and too dry for my taste.  Laurie agreed with me…

The Trustees’ Table also serves dinner from 5 PM until 8:30 PM.  All of the menus, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, change with the seasons and which locally sources items are available.  Looking at the current dinner menu, offerings include Fried Banana Peppers at an appetizer, Roasted Pork Loin for Lunch and Beef Short Rib, Quail and a Hot Brown for dinner.

To learn more about the Trustees’ Table Seasonal Menu, you can click on

My next post will conclude our tour of the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.

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  1. That restaurant must serve enough people to have such variety of selections...and a bit gourmet at that!

  2. Looks like a delicious. I wish fried catfish was on my diet

  3. That's a great meal. Everything looks so fresh and yummy. Love the spiral staircases! Have a wonderful weekend, David.

  4. What a great staircase -- to look at and not one I would want to walk up or down, Dave. The pea soup would have been my choice, but not the bread pudding.