Tuesday, March 22, 2022

An Early Dinner in Townsend Tennessee

We had seen some advertising about the new restaurant over in Townsend Tennessee…a little less than an hour from our house.  Townsend is located in the Tuckaleechee Cove (valley) on the other side of Bates Mountain away from the crowded tourist meccas of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. 

The city was founded in 1921 by those who were involved in the Little River Railroad and Lumber Company.  Townsend, with a population of about 500 residents, is one of 3 ‘gateways’ to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The entrance to the ever popular Cades Cove is located nearby and the very nicely curated Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center is actually in Townsend.

Seeing as Townsend bills itself as “The Peaceful Side of the Smokies”, it does seem appropriate that this new dinning spot in town is called the “Peaceful Side Social Brewery and Craft Kitchen”. 

Located at one end of 2 adjacent small strip shopping centers, Peaceful Side Social is quite appealing with its combination stone and industrial metal front façade.  It also has a shaded outdoor dining patio that is dog-friendly complete with leash hooks, treats and water bowls.  We rarely eat outdoors as we don’t like bugs, heat or wind.  We made an exception in this case as the bugs weren’t active this early in the season, it was cool out and there wasn’t any significant wind to deal with.  In addition, with my bald head, shade from the sun is always welcome.

Following the trend that seems to be sweeping across the USA, the ‘décor’ has that industrial feel…with metal and minimal decorations.  The other popular trend apparently has become semi-self-serve…where customers order at the counter and then either you pick up your food when its ready… or someone brings it to your table.  At Peaceful Side Social, a server does bring the food to the table.

As this is both a brewery operation as well as a restaurant, we both decided to order a beer.  Laurie is more adventurous and she likes ‘hoppy’ beer so she went for the Mountain Laurel Lager IPL. ($6.00) Being the beer ‘sissy’ that I am, for my 3rd beer of 2022, I ordered the Music City Light. ($4.00) We both enjoyed our beers.  I'll bet that you can tell which beer was mine...

The ‘chef-driven’ menu includes ‘shareables’, salads, sandwiches, 12 inch ‘round breads’ and 3 ‘mains’.  I ordered the Half Chicken with Potatoes, herb roasted and served with white BBQ sauce on the side. ($15.00) It was a very nice meal…quite satisfying.  The white BBQ sauce really worked well with the chicken and even the potatoes.  Quiet Side Social also had Tabasco on the table…a win for me!

Laurie decided to order one of the ‘round breads’, in effect a 12 inch pizza with a sourdough crust, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella and basil with San Marzano Tomato Sauce. ($12.00) She really enjoyed her meal!

FYI, the ‘shareables’ include such items as truffle fries, goat cheese fritters, smoked trout dip and an Appalachian Trail Board…a charcuterie board with local meat and cheese items.  One interesting ‘round bread’ pizza featured figs and pears with arugula lettuce and ricotta cheese.

I just had to include a photo of the restroom signs at Peaceful Side Social.  Talk about inclusive bathrooms!  These signs certainly make it clear that anybody or anything can use these facilities.

We will return!  Our dining experience was very pleasurable indeed...  Peaceful Side Social Brewery and Craft Kitchen is located at 7967 East Lamar Alexander Parkway in Townsend Tennessee.  Phone: 865-519-6300.  Website: https://peacefulsidesocial.com/.

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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. That sounds and looks like a fantastic meal! I am glad that you both enjoyed the meal. I would love to try that chicken...looks fingerlicingly good!

  2. Always you seem to catch good places to eat. Glad to hear your no.3 beer of the year was ok for you. Keeping up with the months so far! I love visiting micro-breweries, and this area is known for them. Of course I get in a rut and don't try new places like you do. Mmm, perhaps I could learn a thing or three!