Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dinner Construction Project!

Well...the other night, we just didn’t feel like putting together a normal dinner for two… We each went our own way and pulled together whatever we could find in the refrigerator and/or in the pantry.  Well, I'm not a gourmet chef by a long shot...more of just a full-time diner.  I’d noticed a leftover cheeseburger patty, a hoagie bun and I knew that we had a can of Hormel Hot Chili in the Pantry. 

When I mentioned what I was thinking about for my dinner, Laurie suggested that I add a couple of fried eggs to the plate…and then I was off and running.  I knew what my final construction was going to look like!

These were my basic starting ingredients… To these, I added pepper, a quantity of onion powder and some coarse garlic bits.  I chopped up the cheeseburger and heated it up with the hot chili.  When that was heated up…and a little crusty in the bottom of the pan…I fried the eggs and then scattered the shredded cheese over the top of my monumental dinner.

This is the finished product!  I added the peperoncini’s to pop it up a bit...and to provide a little vegetable content with my dinner.  After Laurie took this photo, I sprinkled Tabasco over the entire structure.

It wasn’t quite as good as my favorite breakfast ever… While attending Michigan State University, I used to eat at a place called Uncle John’s Pancake House.  They served a similar construction…only they used buttered Texas toast and a freshly fried hamburger…whole and right off the grill.  Still, I had a tasty dinner and I wasn’t hungry again until the afternoon of the next day.

This breakfast/dinner construction project is dedicated to Big Dude at   Big Dude, also known as Larry, is the master of the creative breakfast.  He puts together leftovers and other ingredients that he has ‘just laying around’ in a fashion that defies my limited imagination…and he does this in the morning…when I’m barely functioning… Here’s to you Larry…!

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  1. Wow Dave - you are a genius. This looks awesome indeed and thanks for the dedication.