Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Company and Another Great Meal!

It’s been a great summer so far!  We’ve had lots of guests  visiting and staying with us here at our home…our slice of paradise…right here in East Tennessee... 

Our latest visitors are from the St. Louis Missouri area.  This is Laurie’s sister Bonnie and her husband, Bill.  They’re spending a few days at 'Casa Myers' and, as with our other guests, Bonnie and Bill give us both an excuse and the impetus to get out and about.  So far, we’ve explored a flea market, gone to an auction, hit a couple of our favorite places to eat, including the Tic-Toc ice cream parlor in Loudon, plus we’ve examined the contents of a dozen or so antique shops...

Next up…time with friends on their boat, then a drive into the mountains, lunch at Tellico Grains in Tellico Plains and a dinner party with some other friends on their dock.  Then, to cap off the week, maybe a movie…and a visit to Willie’s Restaurant in Seymour Tennessee before they head home.

We certainly have been eating well!  This was dinner the other night… A rib eye steak from Benton’s in Madisonville Tennessee, fresh sweet corn and a heirloom tomato from a roadside stand, a slice of tomato from our own tomato plant out on the deck and some pickled asparagus…

If the steak wasn’t so big, this would have been almost a healthy meal!   With a little luck, we’ll actually wear some of this off while we’re out paddling around in the lake.  

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  1. Ya'll are doing all of things I like to do, what a wonderful week.

    When you and Laurie go to Willie's and don't have guests, let me know...Willie's is about 3 minutes from our house, we would love to meet you and Laurie over there or have your over for cocktails or dessert.