Monday, October 10, 2011

Fish Fry in Skaneateles New York!

I’d done quite a bit of research in developing a trip plan for our exploration of upper New York State.  Being food centric, there was a lot of focus on finding good places to eat…without breaking the bank.  Of course, major attractions and scenery were also key elements in my planning.  One of the first stops on our trip was in Skaneateles.

This is a view of Skaneateles from the village pier.  (This photo is of  the backs of condos & apartments that look out over the lake. They have a very nice view!) This little town is located just a bit southwest of Syracuse.  The village is located on Skaneateles Lake, one of New York’s famous Finger Lakes. 

This is another view from the pier.  The village is quite pretty…upscale too, with a nice historic downtown district with plenty of shops, galleries and restaurants.  Some buildings date back to 1796.  There are polo matches in July and August and there is also an annual Antique and Classic Boat Show.  Skaneateles is also one of the few places in the USA where you can take a mail boat along the lake to drop off the mail at some of the old-fashioned ‘camps’.

So…where to eat!?

A bit of Internet research led to a Roadfood recommendation for Doug’s Fish Fry.  Doug’s was founded in Skaneateles back in 1982…and it’s still going strong.  I figured that they had to be doing something right!

This is the interior of Doug’s.  You get in line at the counter, (lines are normal at Doug’s), you look at the menus posted behind the counter and you place your order.  They call you when your order is ready for pickup. 

As you can see above, the ambience is very casual and the place is really family friendly.  The menu features fish, shrimp, steamers, chicken, scallops and lobster every day.  Clams, grilled salmon and oyster dinners are available on select days only.  You can order 3 different ways…just the seafood item or chicken with no sides, the item with french fries, a bun and cole slaw or the item with onion rings, a bun and cole slaw.

Laurie ordered the Fish Onion Dinner, ($10.26), and I ordered the Fish Dinner with French Fries. ($9.26)  While we’re not crazy about eating off of paper plates and using plastic cutlery, sometimes it just feels ok.  This was one of those times!

Laurie really liked her onion rings and my fries were better than average.  The cole slaw was a nice counterpoint to all the fried food…quite nice.  The vanilla milk shakes, ($3.52 each), were good if not great.  But, the key item, the fried fish was just excellent!  The best news is that Laurie couldn’t finish hers…so I had to ‘help her’ out.  She does’t like to waste food…
Doug’s Fish Fry is located at 8 Jordan Sreet in Skaneateles New York.  There is a second location in Cortland New York.  The phone number for the Skaneateles location is 315-685-3288.  This location is open 7 day a week.  For additional information, go to
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  1. Wow - that is a great looking plate of food and the breading looks perfect - I'll have to file this place away even if I can't pronouce the town name.

  2. most of us say "skinny atlas"
    the classical music station says "scan ee atlas"
    and Doug's fish is THE BEST