Friday, October 28, 2011

Willie’s in Seymour Tennessee (Again!)

Once again, we’ve introduced another couple to Willie’s Italian Restaurant in Seymour Tennessee… That in itself isn’t remarkable.  However, all of the family and friends that we’ve taken to this casual restaurant felt that the food was very good or better…and that it was a great value!  That is a remarkable record…

Our dining experience with our latest couple, Paula and Gary, offered the group a chance to try a couple of entrees that we hadn’t tried before.

Gary had the Shrimp Alfredo over fettuccini noodles. ($8.95) All entrees come with garlic bread knots and a dinner salad.  It’s a heck of a value!

My choice was the Shrimp Scampi…penne pasta in a lemon-butter-garlic sauce…with count them…10 shrimp! ($8.95) The noodles are never overcooked at Willie’s nor are the shrimp…

Paula and Laurie went with the tried and true Lobster Ravioli! ($10.95) In fact, Laurie always orders the Lobster Ravioli.  If Willie’s was closer to our house and we dined there more frequently, she ‘might’ try something different…but maybe not.

FYI… This is Willie.  He’s from Queens in New York City.  He just looks like he should know something about Italian food!

Just a side note… One restaurant on our list of places to try was Danny’s, just up the street from Willie’s in Seymour.  We’d been told that Danny’s also served good Italian food…and that his Pizzas especially stood out in comparison to the competition. (Willie’s pizzas are OK, but not what we’re looking for…) However, on this trip we noticed that Danny’s in Seymour had gone out of business.  Too bad…but the good news is that Danny is the owner of and head chef for Classico Italian Pizza and Pasta in Loudon Tennessee.  We’re still looking for great pizza in East Tennessee…so we’ll be dining at Classico in the near future!

Willie’s Restaurant is located at 11612 Chapman Highway in Seymour Tennessee. Phone: 865-773-0170. For more on Willie’s and to view the menu, go to:


  1. You guys should buy an interest in this place.

  2. He also has a Drive-thru window! You need to try Jack Flaps and Parton's Smokin' Buttz just down the highway on the other side, about 1.5 miles heading north.

  3. Dear David, There is nothing like good food and good company to go with it, sounds like you had both. I am so glad that you all enjoyed yourselves. It is a blessing. Have a great weekend. Catherine