Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recession…What Recession?!

Laurie and I like auctions, even though most of the time we don’t buy anything!  We find them entertaining even without a purchase.  So on October 1st, we decided to check out an auction at Case Antiques.   We’re more into the ‘country’ auctions, but we wanted to check out this more ‘upscale’ venue in Knoxville.

It was hard to tell that there’s a recession going on!

This is a classic New York mahogany veneered sleigh bed.  It was made ca. 1825, so it is quite old.  The wood is beautifully carved and finished.  The bed comes with the custom mattress, box springs and bedcover.  This bed was ‘published’ back in 1999 in ‘Art and Antiques’ Magazine.  Want to guess what it sold for, given these tough economic times?  How about $9,976.00!

Then there were these two chairs…

This is a pair of Southern Campeche Chairs, possibly from Louisiana.  They have mahogany frames with walnut stretchers and there is some mahogany and rosewood veneer on the front stretchers, arms and half circle crests.  They’re dated at approximately mid-19th century.   Any guesses on the price?  No?  These two chairs sold for $6,032.00!

This was a very patriotic auction, featuring many historic flags and other items pertaining to American history.  One rare flag and archive from the ship “The Red, White and Blue” sold for $35,860.00.  A William Edmondson Limestone “Varmint” sculpture went for a mere $46,400.00!
But…the really big item at this auction was a rare “Meet the Beatles” LP album that had been autographed by all four band members at the time of their American debut on the Ed Sullivan Show!  It was snatched up for only $75,400.00!  We don’t know what the final ‘take’ was from the auction as we got tired and left just before the 'show' was half over.  At that point, the total take was somewhere around $575,000.00.
If you’re in the market for some very nice antiques or collectables, if you have something nice you might want to sell…or, if you view auctions as entertainment, check out Case Antiques and Auctions as well as the item by item results from the October 1st Auction at
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  1. What did you buy me? LOL Seriously, when you buy items like that, do you really get to enjoy it like the the furniture you live on everyday?

  2. Nice that you can afford beautiful things:)And auction is the right place to be for a good buy:)

  3. Dear Dave, It just goes to show, that when you think things are getting too old and you need new, just say to yourself there not getting old the getting more valuable!! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I always look forward. Blessings, Catherine