Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Road Trip – Railroad Depots (#6) NY

Here I am again with photos of active, ‘repurposed’, deserted and derelict railroad depots that we encountered during our late summer vacation.

So, let’s start with a combination ‘derelict and ‘repurposed’ passenger depot…

This is the former New York Central Depot in Hammond New York.  As you can see by the design and by the center chimney, it’s an old building.   It was built in 1894 by either the Black River & Morristown Railroad or by the New York Central.  The information I found on the Internet was conflicting. 

Hammond was on a spur line with limited rail traffic.   Although the building is still in use…it’s obviously in poor condition.

The Freight House Restaurant, (and former railroad depot), is located in Ogdensburg New York.  This repurposed building used to be part of the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg railroad.  The New York Central took over the line in 1910 and that company probably built this depot.  I couldn’t find out much about this depot, other than the fact that many local groups and gatherings use this restaurant as a gathering place.

The last Passenger train to or from Ogdensburg came through here in 1961.  The last rail service in the area was to service a paper mill…and that closed up in 1985.
In the interest of keeping the Freight House Restaurant functioning…and the depot preserved, here’s a little information for those travelers among us.  Address: 20 Market Street, Ogdensburg, New York.  Phone: 315-393-9088.  Website:   They are open for lunch and dinner only…

This little depot in or near Massena New York has seen better days.  It was indeed ‘repurposed’ at one point in time…but the ‘Land – Mark’ Diner didn’t survive.  Although the building isn’t in bad shape, without an occupant, it’s just a matter of time before the structure will become derelict…

The last passenger train from Syracuse to Massena came through here in 1965.  Both Canadian Northern and CSX railroads are still serving this market area with freight trains…

The Massena depot looked a little different back in the days of the steam locomotive!

My last offering for this edition of my blog is this old freight station located in Winthrop New York.  It’s been repurposed for storage by a private owner.  It formerly served as the area’s freight depot for the Rutland Railroad.

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