Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blue Moon – A Café in the Adirondacks

Continuing with our late summer vacation… (We did so much and ate at so many different restaurants, mixing it in with more current events, this saga could go on until the end of the year!)

Once again, it was time for dinner… We’d rejected Lake Placid New York as being too touristy and crowded for us, so we were staying in Saranac Lake.  I’d done some research and I found our first night’s choice for dinner via Trip Advisor…and after a quick check of the on-line menu.

The Cold River Coffee Company owns and operates the Blue Moon Café in Saranac Lake.  This is a quirky place…with a bakery counter, specialty coffees and upscale sit down casual dining.

The Blue Moon Café is open 7 days a week for Breakfast and Lunch and the restaurant serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday.   

As you can see, this is a very laid back restaurant.  One would never suspect that the menu includes quality gourmet cuisine…in addition to a large breakfast menu and of course, sandwiches at lunch.  Taking casual upscale dining one step further, a selection of gourmet cheeses is also available.

The waitress started us out with some really nice homemade bread and butter…

Then I followed it up with this nice Sausage en Croute on a bed of lettuce with coarse stone ground mustard. (I failed to note the price and this appetizer isn’t on Blue Moon’s current menu).  This was both an imaginative and a flavorful dish.  Fortunately for me, Laurie was saving her appetite for her entrée and I was ‘forced’ to eat more than my share of this plate of goodness! 


Laurie ordered the Thai Duck Noodle Bowl. ($17.00) This entrée consisted of a lightly marinated pan seared boneless duck breast served in a miso broth with Shitake mushrooms, scallions and Asian noodles.  She loves duck and this dish received 2 thumbs up!

For part of my dinner, I ordered the Grilled Lamb Skewers.  They were lightly marinated Greek style, grilled fast and hot, then served over greens on a homemade flatbread with chopped romaine, tomato and tsazki sauce.  ($16.00) It also comes with red onion but I as I’m not much of an onion fan, I had them left off.  The lamb was very nice but, coming from Chicago, I expected a little more zing in the tsazki sauce.  I also thought that looking at this from a cost/volume ratio; this entrée was a little light.  We finished off our meal with a cup of very nice robust coffee for myself and an enjoyable cafe latte for Laurie.

Blue Moon Café has a broad and imaginative menu.  Dinner items include: a Cassoulet with sea scallops, chorizo and chickpeas ($11.00); Thai Red Snapper ($17.00) and; Chicken and Shrimp Chimichurri. ($17.00) Several vegetarian entrees are also on the menu.  These include: Ratatouille ($10.00) and Roasted Stuffed Portobello ($13.00) Breakfast and lunch also offer a few surprises… How about a tortilla ‘bowl’ filled with goodies and topped with eggs!
We would recommend this restaurant as it offers quality and a change of pace from the ordinary.  Blue Moon Café is located at 55 Main Street in Saranac Lake New York.  Phone: 518-891-1310.  Website: http://bluemooncafe-adk.com.
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