Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dr. David Navorska – It Takes a Village!

Recently hundreds of residents living in Loudon County Tennessee received a startling letter from Tennova Health Care.  They informed us that, ‘with mixed feelings’, they had parted ways with our physician!  We later learned that Tennova had let him go without notice at 4 PM late one afternoon.  They had him gather his personal items and depart on the spot.

First of all, Tennova should understand that it’s never a good idea to hack off a bunch of retired folks!  We tend to get our hackles up and we’re stubborn too… The worst thing any organization can do is drop a big surprise on senior citizens.  We have lots of time on our hands to strike back!

So…what the heck!  A couple of ladies from the Tellico Village community took to the social media and they organized a response to Tennova as well as a birthday party for Dr. David Navorska.  It was his 50th birthday!

Quite a crowd showed up at a local pavilion… I estimated that between 80 and 100 patients with their spouses stopped by for the celebration and the ‘revolution’.  This was a great turnout on relatively short notice in a community where not everyone uses social media.

The doctor is at the center of the photo… Everyone stopped and vented their feelings to Dr. Navorska regarding this unhappy situation and to wish him a Happy Birthday. 

Why did the vast majority of Dr. Navorska’s patients show such loyalty?  Well…to be honest it’s because he cares about them!  He cuts to the chase…telling people who don’t want to hear…what they must do if they want to live a healthier and a longer life!  He is the master of ‘tough love’.

Dr. Navorska spoke for a bit…talking about his feelings regarding his patients and letting us all know in general terms what his future plans are.  The fact is that everyone is planning to follow him to wherever he sets up office! 

The doctor’s family was present at this patient-doctor admiration celebration.  They are a loving group…with 3 very cute children. (2 in this photo) Dr. Navorska’s wife is certainly standing by her man…supportive in every way!

Listening to the crowd talking among themselves, it was startling to realize just how unhappy they were with Tennova Health Care.  Several patients had already gone to the office and requested all of their health care records.  Others had written Tennessee’s medical oversight agency…blasting Tennova!

So what’s a good party without embarrassing the birthday boy?  If you have ever seen the video where Marilyn Monroe sang a very sexy “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy, then you can imagine what the lady with the scarf did to Dr. Navorska!  She even ended up sitting on his knee!  The good doctor doesn’t blush easily…but in this instance he turned a deep shade of red!

To summarize: (1. Dr. David Navorska had a lot of folks at his impromptu surprise birthday party. (2. He has a ready-made list of loyal patients following him to wherever he lands. (3. Say Bye Bye Tennova Health Care!  You’ve torqued off the wrong bunch…

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  1. I wish there were more doctors like Doctor Navorska . I prefer tell-it-like-it-is when it comes to my health and bravo to your village.

  2. I would love here a dr Navorska David!:)