Monday, June 2, 2014

Son + Father = Boy’s Toys!

Every year Laurie and I head up to the Cleveland Ohio suburbs around the grandson’s spring break to spend time with them…and to celebrate David II’s birthday.

It’s hard to remember back when he was this young…!  Wasn’t he a cute kid?!

It’s even a little hard to remember back when he'd grown up a bit…before his braces and back when I still had hair!

Time flies!  A couple of years ago we found ourselves with our son as he graduated from law school and starting his second career...with his wife Amy, a retail executive, and two handsome and talented grandsons…David III and Emmett Lee.

At this point, David II had already started claiming that his birthdays were marching backwards…39 years old and counting.  I thought that it was a bit strange since Laurie and I keep getting older…at least physically!

We do like to surprise our son…just to keep him off balance so that he never knows what we might do next.  For his birthday this year we came through with some of his usual birthday wishes…books and video games.

But then we gave him a brown paper shopping bag…with his surprise gift!  By the look on his face, you can see that we have his attention!

I had decided that the time had come for me to pass on my collection of ‘toy’ soldiers.  I’d acquired them over a 50 year period… This is just part of the 'army' I'd accummulated.

My collection included Britain’s, French, Canadians, South African, African, Cowboys, American Indians and other figures.

In age, some dated back to the late 1800s and others were made by American artists and craftsmen into the 1980s.  I never did count up the total number of items in my collection.

David II started collecting St. Petersburg soldiers and figurines 10+ years ago.  He has amassed quite an impressive collection!

These little works of art are hand crafted and hand painted.  The detail is amazing!

With the addition of this birthday surprise to David II’s collection he now has a balanced, impressive and growing representation of both new and old creations… He will need to come up with more display space!  We think that he really liked this little birthday present… I sure enjoyed giving it to him!

To find out more about Britain’s toy soldiers, go to and  To learn about the St. Petersburg collection, you can go to

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Seems you and your son share the same passion for toy soldiers. What an amazing collection. Boys and their toys :)

  2. What an awesome collection --and so good that you can pass it on to your son --and hopefully, he'll pass it on eventually to his son.... Love that you all are keeping the David name going.... Love it...

    Handsome son and family...

  3. What a wonderful gift! Dave this is something to pass on through the generations. I am so glad that your son has a passion for this collection as you do. Happy birthday to your son. You and Laurie have a beautiful family.
    Blessings, Catherine

  4. Beautifil collection and yours grandsons are adorable;)

  5. How sweet! Happy Belated Birthday to David the II. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift Dave. It's so nice to see that your son also picked up the same hobby as you. He has quite an impressive collection himself. Those little figurines are awesome.