Monday, December 7, 2015

Mornings in Cedar Key – Where to Eat?

As I mentioned in a previous posting, during our visit to Cedar Key shortly after Labor Day, many of the businesses and restaurants appeared to have closed down for a break following the busy summer season.  Finding a place for breakfast was challenging in this tiny town…

We spotted one option on Second Street in the old part of ‘downtown’ Cedar Key.  We like baked goodies so we decided to give it a try…

The “Salty Needle Quilt Shop” and “Bake My Day Bakery and Deli" share the same building.  We noted that there were a variety of small mom and pop size businesses trying to survive and provide a living income for their owners in Cedar Key.

These blackboards served at the menu for “Bake My Day”.  They offer a decent selection of basic breakfast offerings, a nice selection of sandwiches and a delectable listing of homemade baked goods.

 We have a weakness for baked goods and as such, we rarely have anything other than English muffins on hand at home.  But this was vacation…so I had a piece of the Bread Pudding with a bit of whipped cream.  It was very nice!  On a subsequent visit, Laurie enjoyed one of these little parcels of goodness as well…

But on our first visit, she went for a piece of the Strawberry Cream Cheese 
Danish.  It was very good indeed!

The two young women who own and operate Bake My Day were engaging and eager to please.  They appear to do a decent business with the locals…which they said keeps them going when the tourist business is light.

Bake My Day Bakery and Deli is located at 434 Second Street in Cedar Key Florida.  Phone: 352-543-5217.  They are on Facebook with lots of photos at

On another morning, we sought out Kona Joe’s Island Café… This little restaurant shares a building with Cedar Key Quality Canvas Products.    

The breakfast menu was a very small (left side of collage) and I was a little disappointed.  It didn’t deter Laurie as she wasn’t hungry anyway and she just had a cup of coffee.  The luncheon menu was quite a bit more extensive…

The interior of Kona Joe’s was cute and quirky…much like the other businesses on the island as well as like Cedar Key itself.  Outside dining is available with a nice view of the bay.

I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.  It was fairly tasty although the bacon wasn’t very distinctive.  Service was fine and Kona Joe’s was well maintained.

I’m sure that the breakfast menu is a bit larger when the customer count warrants it.  Kona Joe’s Island Café is located at 4051 D Street (FL Hwy. 24 and 6th Street) in Cedar Key.   Phone: 352-543-9898.  This Café is on Facebook at

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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