Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Time for Dinner – La Grange Georgia

Despite a bit of research prior to arriving in La Grange, I must admit that I had a tough time locating an acceptable restaurant for dinner…

So…I gave up on the local dining scene and we headed to the Applebee’s Restaurant just a few miles up I-85 from our Hampton Inn.

What I didn’t know, (because we like local establishments I’d never considered Applebee’s as a possible dinner destination), was the on-line reputation of this particular restaurant.  On Yelp it has 1.5 stars.  Trip Advisor reviewers give it 2 stars with far more terrible reviews than excellent or very good ones. gives it 2.5 stars…

It’s probably a good thing that I hadn’t read any reviews!

We started out with an order of Brew Pub Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip…white cheddar craft beer cheese dip plus honey Dijon. ($6.99) It was very good and all of these nice pretzel sticks and cheese dip were consumed.

Note: We have always considered Applebee’s to be a safe bet when we’re on the road and looking for a lunch break.  Our other favorites as reliable ‘fuel stops’ are Bob Evans, Waffle House, Ruby Tuesday, Steak ‘n Shake and Cheddar’s.

Laurie wasn’t that hungry and after the pretzels and cheese dip, so she decided to just order a cup of the French Onion Soup. ($3.99) She was very happy with her choice!

I opted for the Clubhouse Grille with potato chips. ($10.49) This sandwich was piled high with ham, thick-cut turkey breast, melted cheddar and Jack cheeses with Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and a drizzle of honey BBQ sauce on freshly toasted Tuscan bread.  It was very good!

Many of the complaints about this Applebee’s outpost in La Grange were centered on lousy service or service with an ‘attitude’.  Our waitress, Raven, was pleasant, helpful and timely…no complaints at all!  I did note that the 2 most recent reviews of this restaurant, (August and September), were positive.  These reviews were on Trip Advisor and no recent reviews were noted on the other 2 sites.  I will add a third positive review although I must admit that we didn’t exactly sample the menu.

Applebee’s Restaurant in La Grange Georgia is located at 1524 Lafayette Parkway.  Phone: 706-242-9189.  Website:

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave 


  1. I can't remember the last time I ate at Applebees

  2. I haven't had dinner yet, I'm coming Dave! Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  3. It all looks great! Many of the Applebee's have closed around here for some reason. Here's wishing you the best in the coming year, Dave, Happy New Year!

  4. Dear Dave, I have never eaten at Applebee's. It does look inviting.
    Have a very Happy New Year to you and your family. Blessings, Catherine

  5. Hi Dave and Laurie!! My the food looks delicious...I have so much to catch up on I see, but I wanted to quickly drop in and wish you both a healthy and happy New Year!!! Hoping your holidays were joyous and wonderful...xoxo, Tammy<3