Friday, September 14, 2018

Lunch at Hattie B’s – Birmingham Alabama

We weren’t back home in East Tennessee for very long when we went on a family trip to Birmingham Alabama.  David II and grandson Emmett Lee had flown into Chattanooga to spend a couple of nights with Laurie and yours truly… Then it was time to drive them down to Alabama to spend a little family time with daughter-in-law Amy, who’s based there for her career...  

I’d done a little research and given my love of ‘heat’ and fried chicken, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken was a no brainer.  It didn’t hurt that everyone else was on board with this dining destination too!

The concept for Hattie B’s was derived from 2 famous and successful ‘hot (spicy) chicken’ operations in Nashville Tennessee…Bolton’s and Princes.

Some customers apparently like eating their hot and spicy chicken outdoors…in the heat.

The concept at Hattie B’s is simple.  A Simple, focused and modest menu.  Order at the counter, find a table and then the food is delivered when it’s ready.
Hattie B’s was named after 3 women in the family that were named Hattie.  The family has been in the restaurant business for 3 generations, with the patriarch having worked his way up in the Morrison’s Cafeteria’s organization to be the CEO…and then that company’s purchase of Ruby Tuesday.  One of his sons and that son’s grandson founded Hattie B’s.  The company was founded in 2012 with its first location in Nashville Tennessee.   

There was a heck of a line when we finally found a place to park!  Hattie B’s is a very popular place in Birmingham… Despite the line, we managed to grab a table and simultaneously make some dining decisions.

I didn’t take pictures of everyone’s lunch because basically customers can order fried chicken…or they can order fried chicken, etc.  I guess you could order a number of sides if you didn’t want chicken…but then why dine here?! 

This is a Small White Plate…the breast and wing quarter. ($9.00) All plates are served with 2 sides, bread and pickles.  The available sides are southern greens, crinkle cut fries, pimento mac and cheese, baked beans, red skin potato salad, creamy cole slaw and black eyed pea salad.

Small Dark Plates with the thigh and leg quarter are $8.50.  Large White Plates are $12.50 and Large Dark Plates are $10.50.  Other combinations are available and they do offer a Hot Chicken Sandwich for $9.00.

I ordered the Small White Plate as well, giving the greens a try.  My only regret is that I didn’t order a Large Plate!  Everyone enjoyed their lunches!  Laurie and I wish they’d open a Hattie B’s in the Knoxville area…

FYI…There are a variety of HEAT LEVELS offered at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.  Southern…no heat.  Mild…touch of heat.  Medium…warming up.  Hot…feel the heat.  Damn Hot!! – Fire Starter.  Then there is “Shut the Cluck Up!!! – Burn Notice”.  For our first dining experience at Hattie B’s Laurie and I played it safe and stuck with “Hot”.  It was plenty hot for her but I might try “Damn Hot” then next time…

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken has 6 locations, 3 in Nashville, 1 in Atlanta, 1 in Las Vegas and this one at 2808 7th Avenue South in Birmingham Alabama.  Phone: 205-578-6018.  The company’s website is at

This Tudor Style building across the street from Hattie B’s Hot Chicken was built in 1926.  The space was originally built to serve as a fine furniture store and it remains as one of the only Tudor Style buildings in the Southside area.  Although I wasn’t able to locate it in the files, this building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is currently occupied by Bird’s Bar and Pizza at 2839 7th Avenue South.   

I always try to take photos of old in-city or in-town theaters when I spot them.  We used to have 2 of them when I lived in my old home town of Jackson Michigan and I have some fond memories from back in the day.  One was called the Capitol Theater and the other was the Michigan Theater.  At one point, downtown Jackson had as many as 8 theaters!  

In any case, the Avon Theatre at 2829 7th Avenue South is also the name used to refer to the Tudor Style building mentioned above and both are part of the same block.  From what I could determine, the theatre itself is an event center and theater that is used for worship as well.  The Red Mountain Church apparently operates this space… I did note an event planned for 9/22.  I like the fact that the space is in use and not abandoned!

That’s all for now.  Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for some Hot Chicken!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. The "Hot" and "Damn Hot" made me smile, friend David … I can handle "Damn Hot" as long as I have some lemon water near by … and by near by I mean really near by … as in … now, please god help me … now. Anyway … Have a good weekend, eh? Guess what … we had our first snow … yeppers … Much love, cat

  2. I believe I've seen Hattie B's on TV. As popular as it seems to be, I don't think ho t chicken appeals to me, other than wings.

  3. Looks nice and the food soo good David!