Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Becky’s Grocery and Grill

Laurie and I passed Becky’s Grocery and Grill just a year or two after we moved to East Tennessee.  We said that we should stop and give that little place a try sometime.  At least 8 years passed…and we still hadn’t dropped by to see what Becky’s was all about.

Becky’s is located in rural Blount County Tennessee, probably 40+ minutes from our home in Loudon County.  Nevertheless, this month I decided that the time had come to drive over to Becky’s for an early dinner.

Becky’s Grocery and Grill is really in the country at a local crossroad, the intersection of Whites Mill Road and Laws Chapel Road.  It isn’t a big place, the sign is simple and there aren’t a bunch of windows to draw you in.  Still, with the dark wood exterior and the red tin roof plus those patriotic banners, the building does have a certain basic country appeal.

Becky’s dining room is just like the exterior of the building… It has that warm local country feel.  It’s the country version of a big city diner.  They have a plethora of old movie CD’s behind the counter at the left, we guessed it’s something to do when the staff isn’t busy.  Note that big arrow up near the ceiling.  It lets you know that you need to go outside to use their restroom… That big table is referred to as the boarding house table.

I took a photo of Laurie at our table in Becky’s dining room.  She got even by taking a close-up of yours truly…way too close!

In ‘our’ first photo, note that there are only 2 shelves at the far left that display grocery items.  The room is full of knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, photos, signs, t-shirts and greeting cards for sale…and let’s not forget the trophy deer and the boar mounted high up on the walls.

This photo of the menu is a little blurry but if you expand it on your screen, it’s easy to read.  For the most part it features burgers, sandwiches, plate lunches, salads, sides and a few other specialties.  Nothing fancy…but check out those prices!

Becky Cable bought this business from her mother in 2000.  Her mom had operated it since 1973, primarily as a country grocery store that offered burgers, hot dogs and fries.  Becky slowly got out of the grocery business, adding tables and chairs.  This is her nineteenth year in business!  The family has to be doing something right!

So how about the food?

Laurie ordered one of her all-time standby favorite sandwiches.  This was her Patty Melt. ($5.49) How was it?  Laurie flat out stated that it was the best patty melt she’d ever had!  The ground beef had a lot of flavor… A flat top grill will do that.  In addition, instead of some stringy grilled onions, these onions were chopped up first, enhancing their flavor.  The other key to this great sandwich was that grilled Jewish rye bread… Winner, winner, great patty melt dinner!!

For my lunch I ordered the 8 oz. monster burger on pumpernickel with Pepper Jack cheese, mayonnaise and tomato.  It was very good indeed.  The pumpernickel bread added a lot of depth to the sandwich.  I did add French fries to my order. ($1.99) Laurie tried them too and we agreed that they were better than average.

…and then there was the dessert menu on the wall!  Coconut pie (one of my favorites), Chocolate pie, the ‘Elvis’ version of peanut butter pie, banana pudding and much more.  All of these dessert are made by Ms. Becky!

We just couldn’t come this far and not partake of this potential cornucopia of goodness…

Laurie opted for the Earthquake Cake with Ice Cream. ($5.98) This was German Chocolate Upside Down Cake with a cream cheese filling and with coconut and pecans on the bottom of the creation.  It was very decadent and it was excellent!

I ordered a dessert I’d never heard of… This was the Sweet Dreams Pie! ($4.29) The pie is made with cream cheese, powdered sugar and condensed milk.  Its frozen and then topped with toasted coconut, pecans and caramel.  I am positive that this concoction is ‘illegal’ anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon Line!  It was killer good!

Did you note what was written in the lower left hand corner of the dessert menu/sign?  Becky’s Health Inspection Score on 5/23/19 was 100%!  Service was down home friendly too.  We will definitely return soon!

Becky’s Grocery and Grill is located at 3856 Laws Chapel Road near Maryville Tennessee.  Becky’s open hours are just as quirky and interesting as is the restaurant itself.  They are closed Sunday through Tuesday.  Wednesday through Friday, they are open from 11 AM until 6:45 PM.  Saturdays they are only open from 11 AM until 2:45 PM.  Facebook:

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by to see what we had for our early dinner!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. That patty melt looks amazing - as you guys know, I love them too. The desserts look incredible. Now I am starving for some lunch!

  2. You two look so happy and content, friend David. I always support simple, lil stores/ restaurants like that as well. Love, cat.

  3. I will have a slice of each pie David! What a lovely little place, it's so convenient to do grocery shop and eat at the same place. You know a friend of ours, a young man, from my town here in Sicily recently opened a Cafè/Frutteria...a coffee shop and fruit and vegetable shop. I thought it's such a great idea. We live 15 kms. from the place and we don't drive so I haven't seen it yet. We have many cafès here in our neighborhood and some of them are very close to a fruit shop...but it's not the same. I think a cafè AND grocery shop is much better, so convenient.