Friday, September 20, 2019

Four Generations plus a Hodgepodge of Miscellany

Regular visitors will note that every so often I just publish a blog about whatever comes to mind based on a photo or two that we’ve taken in our daily lives.  Sometimes I’ve done old postcards or collectibles.  From time to time it’s all about miscellaneous food we’ve made or encountered while dining out.  Then there are the animals in the neighborhood…

This posting is foremost about family…then food…and then critters.

I was looking at photos of our oldest grandson, David III, and comparing them to my father (his great-grandfather) Ronald.  Then I found a photo of David II (David III’s father) and one of me too…

It was an interesting comparison of 4 generations of the male side of the family.  All of the photos were taken around the time when each of us graduated from high school…about 18 years old.

The ‘look’ and styles certainly have changed over the years...except that in the original photos you can see that we were all wearing ties.  My dad Ron is in the upper left hand corner of the photo. (Class of 1929) Next to him at the right is David III. (Class of 2019) Our son, David II is right below my dad. (Class of 1987) The photo at the lower right is of yours truly. (Class of 1961)    

As a brand new freshman living in New York City and now attending New York University, David III has discovered just how expensive most things are in the Big Apple.  It’s a fascinating city with lots to see and do but it is quite pricy…certainly a challenge for many students.

Nana (my better half, ‘grandma’ Laurie) immediately focused on putting together a ‘care package’ for the ‘starving’ student. (Note: He is on a college meal plan!) In any case, this photo shows our initial shipment of food and snacks to his dorm in the big city... He'd stressed microwavable stuff.

Moving on from family…this photo is about leftovers.  We had a leftover helping of chicken cordon bleu from a 4 piece box we bought at Costco.  You can’t see it in this photo but I cut it almost all the way through down the middle and reheated it after placing a slice of pre-packaged ham underneath the chicken.

What did you expect?  Of course my next step was to fry an over-easy egg and drop it right on top. (I added Tabasco later) When I broke up the yolk, all the goodness blended together.  It was a very nice breakfast!

What happened?!  Kirkland (Costco’s) Steak Seasoning is the best we’ve ever used.  Lots of other folks on the Internet seem to agree.  And yet Costco seems to have dropped it from the store shelves and from their on-line store.  If you search hard enough you can find some on the world-wide-web…but some of the prices are just plain off the wall!

So hey Costco!  What’s is going on?

The other day we stopped by “Little Italy”, a local restaurant in Loudon Tennessee near Tellico Village.  We decided to order a light meal so I ordered a side of meatballs with a couple of garlic knots.  We ordered from the lunch menu.  It was the perfect size meal at the time…and I did like these meatballs.

While I ordered the meatballs, Laurie chose the luncheon Chicken Caesar Wrap.  It was loaded with chicken and since I ‘had to’ eat part of one half, we both thought that it was very tasty.

The nice part about the lunch menu at Little Italy is that there are several satisfying selections available for patrons at $5, $6, $7, $8 and $9 price points.  Check it out on Trip Advisor.  Just go to

Despite all the building in our area, (145 homes under construction with several underway within a mile of our home), the deer haven’t completely deserted us!  Here was have a doe and her babies feeding along the edge of the woods right across from our house.

Then Laurie captured a photo of a doe passing between neighbors Mike and Sherry’s home and ours.  Although we still have a 13” rain surplus YTD, the last couple of months have been quite dry…and many of us do irrigate our yards.  Hence, better grazing for our local deer!

A couple of days later, Laurie called me to the front windows of our home.  There were three fawns grazing in the front yard.  They love our plants and, unlike some folks in the area, we don’t mind the deer ‘pruning’ our plantings.  At this point, these two fawns seem to be looking for something…

OK…safe again!  There’s mom!  So the seemingly relieved fawns went back to their contented grazing.  For plant lovers, the good news is that they just grazed, nibbling here and there and not really harming any plants.  They really like the monkey grass.  Besides, the deer were here first and we’re occupying their former home turf!

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. I believe the deer have adapted very well to urban life - they've done the same thing in Fairfield Glade. I think David III looks a lot like your dad.

  2. I always think D3 looks a lot like the photos I see of Ronald. Certainly has the hair but something in the smile and the eyes too really comes through. - Amy

  3. I have deer running, grazing and resting right in front of my house every night and bunnies sitting close to them as well, friend David as Baby It's Cold Outside … smiles … Love, cat.