Friday, September 13, 2019

Late Summer Happenings

To date, this hasn’t been a very adventurous year for us.  We basically stayed put all summer.  Apparently the hot summer weather isn’t over yet either as we broke a ‘daily high temperature’ record this week...97 degrees on 9/10/19!  More records may fall later in the week.  As for rain, while we have a surplus for year to date, the possibility of moderate drought has raised its ugly head in the last month or two…

We do have an irrigation system which keeps our yard and plantings green when the rain doesn’t do the job.  Our back yard lawn area is allowed to be ‘au natural’ as we don’t want to use chemicals any more than necessary.  In addition, we want that big Oak tree at the right to thrive…and our arborist warned us that chemicals on the lawn could negatively impact that big tree.

I haven’t even been creating very many ‘novelty egg breakfasts’, i.e. eggs on top of something other than potatoes, bread or similar morning meal items.  In this case however, I ‘had to’ finish off some grouper filets that were left over from one of Laurie’s recent dinners in a local restaurant.  So, I warmed them up in a frying pan, melted shredded sharp cheddar cheese on them, added a couple of over easy eggs on top and then sprinkled the conglomeration with a bit of Tabasco.  Yum!

Fortunately, our neighbors living in the new home to the right of our home like to entertain and they decided to have a Labor Day Party!  They even had canopies erected to protect the crowd from the sun and a number of fans operating to keep us cool…

Our host Mike (on the right) had these steamers working as he prepared the main meal for the group…14 friends and neighbors in total.  Mark, at the left in this photo lives on the other side of Mike and his wife Sherry.  Mike and Sherry are from Rochester New York, while Mark and his wife Sally, moved here from Michigan.

It was quite the varied group career wise… In addition to Laurie and me, the group included a forestry consultant, teachers, a corporate pilot, veterinarians, homemakers and more.  

One of Mike and Sherry’s guests showed up “riding in” his personal hobby.  “Boy’s toys” do tend have a little more growth with age don’t they!?  Sherry was very happy when she was taken for a ride in this classic Corvette!

OK…it’s time for me to own up to a major omission (failure) on my part!  In this photo, everyone was drinking, talking and snacking.  My failure was that despite having my camera in hand, I failed to take pictures of either the appetizers/snacks or the main feast! 

The appetizers/snacks varied from dips and chips (including a great buffalo chicken dip) nuts, candy, cheese crisps, to nachos, guacamole, etc. There was a whole refrigerator full of beer... Mike and Sherry did a fine ‘boil’ for the group's entrĂ©e!  It included shrimp, potatoes, corn and andouille sausage.  Good food!

Following the meal, the ladies retired to the living room/family room to chat and then to the dining room table to play Five Crown cards. The guys first moved out to the screened porch to discuss retirement and then headed upstairs to watch some sports in Mike’s man cave.

Eventually we all moved back outdoors to the front of the garage in the original party place… Although you may have noticed this stack of blocks in earlier photos, it was pretty much ignored until after dinner and the ladies card game.

That was when we started playing “Jenga” in earnest!  If you’ve never played Jenga, the object is to remove blocks and re-stack them on top of the pile without the whole thing collapsing.  We got up to 30 levels before the stack fell over while Laurie was playing the game. (Both Laurie and I tensed up while playing the game…too much pressure for us!  Retirement is hard!)

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