Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A ‘Light Breakfast’ to Start the Day!

When Laurie’s sister Bonnie and her husband Bill visited us recently, we decided to go out for breakfast one morning.  Laurie and I chose a local restaurant that we really like…and where Bill and I could get a really big start on our busy day of watching our wives shop!

This local breakfast/lunch diner is officially named “Larry’s Mama’s Grits”.  The restaurant used to have a ‘split personality’, serving as Mama’s Grits in the morning and “Classico Italian” for lunch and dinner. 

However, business was good and additional space was needed to serve both specialties/functions well…including group events and meetings for residents of adjacent Tellico Village.  Consequently, Larry’s better half, Teresa, moved the Italian portion of the business to a location about a mile away…renaming and reopening that restaurant as “Little Italy”.

Of course I ‘had’ to take a photo of Bonnie and Bill at our table in Mama’s Grits.  Once my food arrived, all bets at my remembering to take people photos quickly fades into my memory's void…

Laurie and Bonnie both ordered a relatively light breakfast…French Toast with Bacon and strawberry sauce with maple syrup on the side.  Neither of them was very hungry but they were happy enough with their choice.

Bill’s Breakfast was another matter altogether!  His meat lover’s platter included ham, country ham, bacon, smoked sausage and a sausage patty with 2 over-easy eggs, hash brown potatoes and a big pancake.  It was all good…but like most Yankees, the country ham was a bit over the top ‘salty’ but he was glad that he experienced it.

As for yours truly, I ordered Larry’s special Eggs Benedict with sausage patties instead of ham and sausage gravy instead of hollandaise sauce. ($9.00) Yum!  My ‘benedict’ was sided with a nice order of crispy hash brown potatoes.

So given my big breakfast, what was this?  Well, I talked myself into ordering a side consisting of one of Larry’s biscuits smothered in that fabulous sausage gravy.  My intent was to share this order with Laurie and possibly Bill…but I ended up devouring about 85% of it. (Tabasco added) What a 'great' start for my day!  The next time I’ll just order this side as my meal, adding a couple of eggs and sausage patties to it in the process…

FYI…Laurie and I both agree that Larry’s Mama’s Grits has the very best sausage gravy we’ve had anywhere in recent years!

Unfortunately, despite its success Larry’s Mama’s Grits doesn’t have a real presence on the Internet.  All of the on-line references combine Mama’s Grits with the Classico Italian Restaurant…which as mentioned earlier the latter has moved and had a name change. (Little Italy can be found at TripAdvisor) In any case, Larry’s Mama’s Grits is located at 206 Village Square Drive in Loudon Tennessee. (Just off TN Hwy. 444 in the strip shopping center at the stoplight in Tellico Village) Phone: 865-657-6300.

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them…

Thanks for stopping by for breakfast!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Wow all that gravy sure made me hungry.

  2. The picture showing the French Toast made me chuckle and brought back memories, friend David. When pregnant with my kidlets, I experienced some serious cases of pica. My favourite food was French Toast with sausage, cheese and pickles topped with ketchup :) Love, cat.

  3. It all looks good to me, esp because breakfast is my fave meal of the day! Not big on French toast, waffles, and pancakes but love all the rest, eggs, potatoes, bacon, ham, always hashbrowns. I don't see any biscuits, buried under all that good looking gravy. We're going out for dinner tonight, but now I'm hungry for breakfast. Yum!!!

  4. Dear Dave, All of the breakfast selections look wonderful! You certainly can skip straight to dinner after eating breakfast! Have a beautiful weekend. Catherine