Friday, October 11, 2019

Family, Critters and More…

This rather brief post is all about family…critters…greenery…décor and more family.

We’ll start out with two of Laurie’s great nieces, Charley Kate and Elliot Jane. (Elliot Jane is the younger one) If these photos of the girls don’t bring a smile to your face, then you lack a soul!  On top of their cuteness, their photos herald in the fall season.  The 2 girls are the daughters of Laurie’s niece Kasey, who is one of Laurie’s sister Bonnie’s children.

This chocolate Labrador is Nala…and she’s moved in next door with friends Mike and Sherry.  The only question is whether or not Nala will be a permanent resident!  At the moment Mike and Sherry are fostering/dog sitting her while one of their sons and his family are moving…but there’s a 50/50 chance that this sweet smiling girl will move in for good!  We love other people’s dogs!

We took the back roads home from a recent excursion to a nearby town for dinner.  Along the way we decided to stop and chat with these young calves… They obviously liked the sound of Laurie’s voice!

As we neared our home, we spotted a group of young Tom turkey’s doing their thing…grazing, pecking and digging their way through the neighborhood.

OK…what does this photo/ad have to do with anything?  Well as my wife, Laurie is family…and as the saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.  A few years back we hitched a ride on an old Ford Tri-Motor Airplane.  One of Laurie’s wishes is the opportunity to fly in a D.C.-3 but airworthy D.C.-3s are few and far between in the USA.  We recently missed the rare opportunity to fly on one when this aircraft appeared at an airshow/airport open house in Crossville Tennessee. 

A lack of publicity by the airport/sponsors led to uncertainty on our part so we didn’t make the drive.  Now I know the name of the airplane and the related website so the next time they offer rides anywhere within a couple of hours of our house, we’ll make the flight!  The 2019 flying season is complete but you can check out the ‘D.C.-3 Flagship Detroit’ at

Another neighborhood estate sale…and we have another new plant for Laurie’s plant room!  The best part from my standpoint is that this handsome big croton didn’t sell during the 3-day sale so our friend running the sale, let us know we could come and get it for free. (Everything had to go!) Thanks to neighbor Mike with his truck for helping us with the plant rescue!

Laurie’s very healthy and attractive Christmas cactus was another plant rescue! 

We were looking for fall season mums for our front porch when Laurie and I spotted this very colorful ‘Celosia Intenz’ or Cockscomb at our local garden center.  The bees were all over it!  It’s a bit too late for it this year, but this attractive annual will appear in our flower beds in 2020, adding color to our garden and helping out the honeybees as well…

I came home from a meeting last week and discovered that in my absence Laurie had ushered in the fall season!  Fall weather has been hard to come by here in East Tennessee this year…with temperatures into the 90s even into the first week of October.  Her décor change might have sparked a weather change…with temperatures around the low 70s in the afternoons with pleasant cool evenings.

One last family photo to close out this post to my blog site.  The red-headed 15 year old wearing red tennis shoes and dressed in black at the right of the photo is our grandson, Emmett Lee.  This photo shows his classmates from his Omaha Nebraska high school all dressed up for their big homecoming event.  Emmett’s already over 6’ tall and growing. (But then again, note how tall some of those other kids are!) Emmett is great in school and loves sports too!  In less than 3 years, he’ll be off to college.  Time flies…

Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

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Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures, friend David. Love, cat.

  2. Looks like that fall weather will finally get here this weekend - I'm so ready.

  3. FYI - a good portion of the buddies in Emmett's homecoming picture play football and/or basketball which may help explain their size!

  4. Really I love this post David !! I love these cuties girls, I love the dog!, all the pictures!!Have a nice weekend !! xo

  5. Your two little great nieces are super cute. The dog Nala is sweet too, and OK, I’ll admit I think the calves are sweet as well. Your fireplace is well decorated for the season. With my driving back and forth between greater Atlanta and Nashville and all the clearing, moving, etc., decorations are not on the agenda so I enjoy looking at them on my friends’ blogs.