Wednesday, October 16, 2019

World Traveler…

Originally we had a trip scheduled with Dawn Marie spending several days exploring part of Virginia and a bit of the Washington D.C. area too.  However, my bum knee caused us to cancel our adventure.

I’ve known Dawn Marie for many years dating back to ca. 1995 while working at Montgomery Ward.  We met at work, became close friends and then she met Laurie and they became close too.  At this point we are her Tennessee ‘parents’ and Laurie tracks her travels daily.  Unfortunately, Dawn really needed that vacation because she’s always flying somewhere for the IT data security/data mining company that she works for.  With about 200,000 air miles per year, Bogota, Dallas, Washington D.C., New York, London, Berlin, Calgary, San Francisco and Buenos Aires were all recent destinations.  

So…given that schedule, Dawn needed a break!  Hence, a short trip to chill at our home in East Tennessee… What did she end up doing while ‘taking it easy’ at our house?  What else!  Catching up on travel expense reports!  At least she wasn’t on another flight…

We stayed home most of the time that Dawn was here.  A nice home cooked meal was in order.  We started out with a basic salad…local fresh tomatoes on a bed of Romaine lettuce with blue cheese crumbles.  A choice of salad dressings was offered.

You just can’t miss the mark with a braised then slow cooked beef pot roast with carrots and little potatoes!  Fresh bakery bread, Amish butter and beef gravy served in dining ‘support roles’.  I love meals like this, not just because it’s one of my favorites, but rather because there is always enough left over for a satisfying lunch and another meal or so!

On Sunday, for dinner we all decided to go to Wild Wing Café in Knoxville’s Turkey Creek shopping area.  This huge sports bar was really busy and we tracked a couple of football games on the big screen while we dined. (We favor the Saints and the Packers…and they both had great days)

Since I’ve written about Wild Wing Café previously and how many different photos of chicken wings can a person take, I didn’t bother to photograph Dawn Marie’s salad or the Grande Queso and four different flavors of chicken wings we ordered. (24 wings…and I brought 6 home for a late week luncheon snack!)
We did take photos though… Laurie and Dawn Marie as well as Dawn Marie and yours truly.  

The next morning, we dropped her off at the airport at 5:30 AM for a flight to Washington D.C.  A couple of days later, she flew back to her home base in Miami…and then back to Washington again in the same week!  Just thinking about her travel schedule tires me out.

That’s about it for now… Just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Lovely young lady, friend David. I especially like the pic of the 2 very Nordic looking girls :) As for the food … almost keto :)

  2. Dear Dave, You and Laurie were so nice to give Dawn Marie the r and r she needed. Catherine

  3. Last shot of Dawn looks great but I assume the non-smile first one is due to working on vacation.