Monday, April 30, 2012

Cotillion Café – A Confirmation!

It’s always nice when friends, followers or readers of my blog follow-up on one of my reviews of an area, an attraction or especially…a dining opportunity.

Back in March, I’d posted a blog about the Cotillion Southern Café.  To be frank, Laurie and I loved this place and I raved about it in my blog.  To access our feedback from our visit, go to

Well, we now have first hand confirmation…feedback verifying and supporting our very positive impression of this casual but fine dining establishment…

Our friends, Holly and Joel stopped for dinner at the Cotillion Southern Cafe on their way to the Orlando area.  This is a photo they took showing part of the Cotillion’s dining room.  It’s warm and comfortable…reminding one of times from the distant past.

This is Liz, the waitress that served Holly and Joel.  Her service was warm, attentive and friendly, matching the food and the décor!

Holly and Joel split this Seafood Platter…Fresh fried fish, a crab cake, shrimp, a fried green tomato, cole slaw and Georgia ‘ice cream’…all beautifully plated! (For the uninitiated, Georgia ‘ice cream’ consists of slow cooked grits with sugar, salt and butter) …We got hungry just looking at this photo!

How about this for a dessert selection?!  The Cotillion offers a terrific selection of cakes as well as some pies.  The challenge for the diner is to have enough room left to be able to order and enjoy a slab of one of these beauties!

OK… Joel and Holly called us from the road right after they left the Cotillion Southern Café.  They were happy, stunned, gobsmacked, satisfied and raving about this great little restaurant… Their confirmation sure made our day and our original recommendation stands…
If you are anywhere near Wildwood Florida, (located at the intersection of the Florida Turnpike and I-75), stop at the Cotillion Southern Cafe for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!  Address: 101 Main Street, Wildwood, FL. (Note: The restaurant is located in an old bank building on the left side of the street) Phone: 353-748-1223.  Website:
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Thanks for stopping by for a visit!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. It is always a thrill when folks affirm your judgments :-). I'm glad that they, and you, had such a positive experience. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Sounds like a good place to stop if we can go but at meal time to or from Marco.

  3. Dear Dave, It is nice to know that your advice was well taken. The place does look cozy and warm, like a home dining room and the food looks good. It is wonderful to find a place like this. Have a great day to you and Laurie. Blessings friend. Catherine