Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hooters for Lunch…

OK…sometimes one just has to take a step back in time and re-visit an old standby…  In this case, it was a restaurant chain that we hadn’t eaten in for at least 5 years. 

Yup…It’s Hooters.  This particular restaurant is located in Beckley West Virginia, just off of I-77.  It was lunch time during one of our treks north to visit the family in the Cleveland Ohio area.  I go back a long way with Hooters…having eaten in the original Clearwater location shortly after the chain was founded.  Laurie grew to like the wings and, from time to time, we ate at one or another of the restaurants for several years.

The first thing that we noticed when we sat down was the greatly expanded menu!  Hooter’s, as we knew it several years ago, had a very simple and relatively small menu.  Wings were then pushed as the primary item…followed closely by beer!

There were no less than 9 appetizers listed, (per the menu, these items were called “Hooterstizers”), as well as chili, 2 soups and 3 dinner salads.  As you can see, we decided to go for the fried pickles.  They were quite good…plenty of them with a nice dipping sauce.
What seemed weird to me was the fact that the “wings”, once the primary menu item, are now just one of eight sections on the menu!  You can order 10, 20 or 50 wings…now with 8 different sauces, (versus 4 sauces in the olden days), plus there are ‘naked’, (not breaded), wings as well as ‘boneless’ wings.  What is the world coming to!

We ordered a combination plate consisting of 10 of the standard breaded and fried wings plus 10 Buffalo Shrimp…all tossed with the Hooter’s Hot Wing Sauce. (By the way, the Hooter’s Hot Wing Sauce, purchased from the grocery store, is our favorite wing sauce)

So…Laurie doesn’t like the breaded wings anymore.  The shrimp were OK but she felt that they were overpowered by the Hot Wing Sauce.  She also didn’t like the wings and shrimp stacked on top of the carrots and celery.  I personally thought that everything was as I expected… I enjoyed the hot wings as well as the shrimp…although I must admit that the breaded wings were a bit heavy in comparison to what we’ve become used to.
The menu lists 3 salads, 3 soups/chili, the ‘Hooterstizers’, wings, seafood, burgers, sandwiches and desserts.  Change has also brought some ‘healthy dining’ and gluten free items to the menu… A number of Hooters locations now even have a full bar!

This is an interior photo of the Beckley West Virginia Hooter’s restaurant.  The young lady on the right, her name was Desiree, was our very cheerful, friendly and efficient waitress.  Our lunch, with the fried pickles, buffalo shrimp and wings, plus tax and tip came to $25.71.   

For further information on Hooter’s Restaurants, just go to  Note: Hooter’s on-line/website menus do not list prices.  Even with a disclaimer that prices may change without notice, I much prefer to see the prices on-line just so I can get an idea re: my expected costs.
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  1. I can't forget my first visit to Hooter's in Sarasota 20+ years ago and I could hardly take my eyes off our waitress - I think I ate my meal.