Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Son’s Birthday…

Just the other day we called our son on his birthday and we sang Happy Birthday to him… When we recently visited both he and the family near Cleveland Ohio, we’d had a celebration of his birthday…complete with gifts and more singing!

Here we are…minus Laurie, my better half and photographer…celebrating our son’s birthday! (Big Daddy Dave, David II with Amy and our grandsons, David III and Emmett Lee)

Just for the record, he claims it was his 37th birthday!  I would like to note, if this was really his 37th birthday, I wouldn’t be old enough to retire yet!

This is a ‘classic’ photo of David with Emmett Lee and David III taken at a time when he was indeed closer to 37 years of age… 

So anyway, when we called on his birthday, he told me that he’d been checking my blog site all day…looking for some commemoration of this important day in history.  He claimed to be a little depressed as nothing had been published…

Of course, I couldn't resist showing just a few more photos of David's formative years.  Here he is at his Grandmother's house squeezing a little love into a kitten.

What a handsome Cub Scout he was!  It was hard taking the redeye out of the photos back in the old days when everything was on actual film.  Although he wasn't a Cubscout for long, he surpassed yours I 'flunked' out as a 'Tenderfoot' and never even got around to getting a uniform.

Moving right along into that 'awkward' phase that many pre-teens go through... This is David, Laurie and I on a trip to Florida...many, many years ago.

Here we have our son posing with my Tennessee Long Rifle... The great hunter in his pyjamas!

Had enough?  I have some real dandy photos but, truth be told, I fear retribution.  Consequently, I'm ending this display of historical, some would say hysterical or even pre-history era photos, before I get in too much trouble.  

Ah yes…love between a son and his father… I hope that this little visual celebration will salve David II’s ‘bruised’ and ‘sensitive’ feelings!

We will have to ensure that Amy, David III and Emmett numerous other relatives...have a chance to view these pictures. 

From Nana and Papa…once again…Happy Birthday David!!
By the way, if David II just turned 37, the good news is that I’ll only be 64 this year! 
Just click on any photo if you’d like to enlarge it…
Thanks for stopping by for a family celebration!
Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  1. Love the photos papa, thanks for sharing! You haven't changed much at all! Amy

  2. fun pics!!
    Happy birthday to your son!

  3. Such sweet moments! An intimate family get-together is already enough rather than to spend lots of money on birthday party ideas.

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